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Using copper mugs? A cautionary tale...

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So, the local health department visited. They are concerned about our use of copper mugs for Moscow Mules. Basically they state that because the drink has a pH of <6 we shouldn't be using copper. But, if the level of copper is below 1.3mg per liter (the limit the EPA has set for water) they think we will be fine. So, now I need to have one of our Moscow Mules tested by a lab.

I'll update this as soon as we have new info...

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Traditionally, meaning for centuries, the inside of general use copper vessels (mug, ewers, pots, pans) were tinned, for this very reason. While for display, an all copper mug sounds fine, for use, the interior should be tinned. If tinned, then this issue should going away. Key is avoiding scratching the interior in use and cleaning.

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