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2" Female NPT to 1.5 Tri clamp


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Hey all,

I'm looking for a handful of 2" female npt to 1.5" tri-clamp adapters.

Anyone have a lead on some of these or have some lying around?



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glaciertanks.com has them

If they do, its not on their website. They have 2" female NPT to 2" Tri-Clamp, but not 2" female NPT to 1.5" tri-clamp. (same as pretty much all the other sites) Unless James is correct and actually has some; I don't think this fitting exists.

Dave, I think you probably need to go 2" to 2" and then add a second fitting to reduce from there. That are have one custom welded together!

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Hedge: What I have now (for half my tanks) is a 2"-1.5" F-F NPT then a 1.5" Male npt-1.5" triclamp

It works, but its long, has lots of little spots for fluid pooling and leaking and costs a few bucks.

I was hoping to minimize the number of connections and length of the adapters.

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Just buy the right parts and weld them together!

Ship me the parts and I will weld them for you for free. Just pay for the shipping.

Heck I probably have what you need on the shelf. We keep about $3000-$6000 of stainless parts on the shelf at any given time.

Take Care.



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I've got 2" TC to 2" Male NPT and 1.5" TC to 1.5" Male NPT. I could have sworn I had a couple pieces of the mismatch combo, but I can't seem to find them. If you can make either of these work let me know and I'll send you out one. I can measure up the 1.5" TC and see if you can cut it and weld on a 2" ferrule (I have a bunch of those too).

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