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Density meters - DM45, Rudolph 2911+


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Can someone provide pricing on the Rudolph?

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We just nabbed a used Mettler Toledo DM45 extended range. This is on the TTBs approved list. This product family was just replaced in Mettler's Liquiphysics line, but the new units are not yet approved by the TTB. The Mettler is more intended for integration in a controlled proprietary lab environment, not quite as easy to use as the Anton Paar. Once you get it set up, it works similarly. If I were buying new, I would probably go with Anton Paar or Rudolph. But I got this for less than 1/3 the new price,  and it was clean, fully operational, and previously used for proof determination. So we are putting up with the "idiot operator" interface design. Spare parts and support are very expensive, but is available in the USA.

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