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Has anyone else had difficulty getting equipment delivered on time? Or even in the realm of on time?

What about quality issues? Equipment delivered that was essentially not manufactured correctly and working properly or parts missing?

Customer service that disappears right after the sales part of it?

I feel like there's got to be others out there who have dealt with this from supposedly reputable manufacturers. It's beginning to feel like an epidemic of everything that I purchase. 

I do my research and talk with references, etc. It literally doesn't seem to help.

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One way to hold manufacturers accountable for what they promise is to have a contract that discounts the price for every week the equipment is delayed. If its going to be 10 months and not 4 just say so. No other industry that I know of would tolerate such poor business practices.

My 2 cents.....

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@Scalawag I wish I had known that prior to all of the issues. I have even done the reference list, scoured this forum, etc. and still find equipment that you pay 20-30k for very late, and at least appearing to lack any care in mfg. And that's from the supposedly BEST suppliers! 

And another great thing is simple communication. Which apparently is not all that simple to most mfg/vendors.... And when you communicate, be honest. Don't try to lie for the months that you're behind on my project... That's just ridiculous and yet exactly what has happened!

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We should be operational in July-August and everything seems to be running about on schedule.  I request pics from suppliers of progress, which is also good for social media and keep in communication, reminding them of promised dates and my schedule.

I'm in Scotland and kit has been coming from Scotland, England, Holland, Portugal, Slovenia, USA and China.  Everything big is 20% to 50% deposit with payment upon delivery or loading of container.

We are not there yet, though.

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We've requested pics, even had this particular vendor say they were going to send pics, and yet they don't. When the finally did (several months after the delivery date) the equipment wasn't done and didn't match the state that the vendor claimed the equipment was in... Yeah.... probably the worst service I've ever received from any mfg.

Then when we got the equipment it apparently wasn't even tested or inspected. Welding shavings still inside of it (not so good for pumps). Fittings welded onto the wrong spots. Items we're STILL trying to get repaired by them.... Months after delivery.

In addition, fittings welded on crooked. Parts that are heat warped. significant enough issues that I'm left with trying to find someone to come along after and repair. They are a relatively new company that everyone we spoke to loved, but I will never use a new company again regardless of their references and the hype around them. 

Now, on the other hand, RMS Roller Grinder out of South Dakota has simply been the BEST. Their customer service has been fantastic!! Literally could not say enough good about them. I've worked with Jaki H. there and we had some hiccups (our fault) but they went out of their way to make the stuff painless and simple. They are the best. I could not ask for better from any company!! 

Just wanted to put something good out there too.
What's been bad has been very bad.
What's been good has been very good.


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On 7/3/2016 at 11:45 AM, captnKB said:

Silat. Who did you buy your still from?

Hey, just to be clear it was not our still. Our still came from Vendome and they have been fantastic to work with as well. Kyle was/is awesome. He was at the ADI show this year, if you were there you may have met him. Good people.

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2 minutes ago, Simon13 said:

...aaaaannd I've dropped a month or so.  All it takes is one essential piece of kit to drop behind schedule.  Not so bad really.

It doesn't take long to fall out of any reasonable startup date. Hope it truly gets resolved in a month....

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