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Mash Cooker, Stills, and Roller Mill for Sale

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We have the following equipment for sale (the rest is sold):


Apollo Econo Mill with 2hp (230-460v) explosion proof motor

18" extension legs

Flex auger boot



250L Artisan Still Design electric bain-marie pot still with 3 electric input ports

Copper gin basket 8" diameter

2" tri clamp drain

2" tri clamp side input (for temp probe to get digital readout of pot temp, useful for mashing in still)

Pressure relief valve

Analogue temperature read


10" Manway

Agitator 2hp 220v/3 phase/ 154 rpm

shotgun condenser 8"x24"



Link to pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7a8tjx57opuuohk/AADBGD1p7hBmN0oL1iBxdVc4a?dl=0



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Just going to larger stuff.  The mill got replaced by a 10hp hammer mill with higher throughput.  The mash cooker is going from 500 gallons to 1000 gallons so the mill upgrade was pretty much a necessity.  We primarily use the 500L for whiskey and the 250L for gin, but are combining to one 2000L pot going forward.  So really everything is just getting bumped up in size a little.  Distribution and sales are increasing so we just need the larger equipment.  Sorry for the slow response; I don't seem to be getting notifications anymore when someone add to a topic I am following...everyone else having that issue?

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