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libdib anyone?


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We have used them. It "works", but keep in mind you must do all marketing, and if you are direct shipping smaller quantities, the shipping cost with FedEx can be very expensive, especially since they now require a per/package signature fee for alcohol. At this stage, we see it more as a way to get a very limited exposure in the NY and CA markets, before fully committing to a larger distributor if we grow there.

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On 1/29/2018 at 11:36 PM, Lassiter Distilling Co said:

@bluestar that's what we were thinking this platform would be good for. I assume you still have to get the out of state support/seller licenses from NY and CA to be compliant with those states' rules too. Has that been your experience?

Where need for the states, LibDib can guide you for that.

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My own DSP was an early adopter, got our LibDib website up etc and have used them strictly within California.  We have found it an easy way to distribute while keeping volume under our control.  If you are looking to scale big, they may not be a cost effective way to go.  But, for keeping control and having a measure of rolling into a market without pulling your hair out... its great.  We also augment the online with small local distributors once an area is established and the numbers work.  California is a huge state geographically, so getting bottles in a location in San Diego from Sacramento can be an issue.  We find our customers visit our tasting room on vacation and then want a local retailer to carry us.  It drives business to us.

Your mileage may vary...



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