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Wheated Rye

Nordeast Spirits

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Our flag-ship product is our straight rye and we use a high percentage of wheat.  We just bottled batch #4 yesterday that was in barrels for 29 months.  Obviously I am very biased, but I could not be much happier with the end product.  Lots of spicy rye bite, but still nice and smooth.  Batch #5 will probably be just under 3 years, and I am already looking forward to that being ready!  Our first barrel of bonded whiskey will hit the 4 year mark in September and we may bottle that for the holidays, or decide to wait another year and let it hit 5!  Cant believe how fast time goes by. 

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Right? Can’t believe my Bourbon is over 3 years now. We’ll be hitting 4 years within the year. Rye is next but nervous about the mash bill. I’m gonna go for the higher wheat!



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On 3/25/2018 at 1:29 AM, Nordeast Spirits said:

Thinking about making a wheated Straight Rye. Been doing some research and haven’t found much info. Having great success with my wheated Bourbon, is anyone doing a high wheat Rye?


There is a traditional russian distillate called "bread wine" or "polugar". I make it with 50% unmalted wheat + 50% rye malt. It is used without maturation - just white. Distillate is diluted to 38,5% ABV. Very smooth and easy to drink spirit, with the lite bread taste. The distillation process is rather complex. If anyone is interested, I can post a description of process here.

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