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Design CCR Model D t-corker with cache barrel.


I have a very lightly used model D semiauto t-corker for sale, we bought for our initial start up phase but within a few months decided we needed something a little more substantial to pair with our bottling line. 


These things are basically bullet proof and can function for a long time with little to no maintenance. This unit includes 2 slide trays for the main two cork diameters, 21.5mm and the 19mm shanks. 

Initially purchased for $6,000 plus an additional slide tray ($350). 


This unit is practically brand new. Asking $5000 OBO.


Thank you,





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I'm interested. How noisy is this one? I saw one a few years ago that made quite the racket when it was running and I'd like to know if anything has changed to deaden the sound of thousands of corks tumbling around.


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thank you for your interest. I imagine it isn't much quieter than you remember adding a thicker padding to the barrel (it comes with a 1/4" padding) would certainly help deaden the sound of a thousand corks rolling about. also if you keep a larger volume of corks in the barrel it will help reduce some noise. 

You could also run it without the barrel all together, you would simply have to add more corks more often to the slide tray or you could have CCR send you the switchback slide tray to accommodate more corks.



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