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Hot Dry Weather


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Ive seen a few distilleries out there operating in climates that are hot and dry. Word is angels share is huge in this climate and spraying down the barrels regularly with water will help reduce evaporation loss. Can anyone with experience weigh in on this concept?

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When I worked in Santa Fe, the loss was ridiculous. Up to 60% over a couple years. Climate/humidity control was the solution, we never tried spraying everything down. Seems a little sloppy.

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We have been experimenting wih solutions to this problem.

Spraying down barrels can make them leach. If barrels are stored vertically palatized, standing water on the heads can water down your spirit.

We have had some luck flooding the floor of our storage. 30 minutes on a timer in the morning keeps the humidity up in the storage barn all day. 

Def an ongoing battle for us. 

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