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  1. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has used this product before: (aside from shelter point obviously) As Im sure you can all relate to, polishing the still and keeping it nice and new penny shiny is a pain in the butt. I was just looking into any high heat coatings that might work for helping to keep the copper looking nice and came across this stuff. I spoke with tech services, and they said they did even make an ethanol resistant version of it, to protect against drips and what not. We currently use a citric acid wash to clean (or left over wine), and then we polish with a metal polish, but after a week of operations the luster wears off and its back to old penny look. Thoughts?
  2. When I called them to inquire about the product I specifically asked about the temperature range. I suggested that our still gets between 200 and 230 degrees and she said that wasn't a problem at all. If you click that first link apparently shelter Point Distillery used this application and they have this as a case study on their website period I actually put in a call to shelter Point Distillery to see if they were happy with the product I'm hoping somebody gets back to me.
  3. haha true that. just helps with the brainstorming is all
  4. Hi there, Was hoping to pick your brains about how you were able to arrange the operation of multiple stills concurrently, the output of which may exceed the allowed 90 gallons of flammable liquids in an F1 rated occupancy building. We are in the process of planning our expansion, and are trying to wrap our heads around how it would be possible to have 2 to 5 stills operating in the same space. Any chance folks would be willing to upload pics of their setup, and offer how you navigated the fire code/occupancy limits As always, much obliged. D.
  5. im just not familiar with the bw forms, so dont know what line 7 encompassed
  6. yes, sorry. i got confused. we're currently in non sprinklered, which is 30gal, but the new building is sprinklered. i guess maybe when we started 19 years ago, therr weren't many resources for "closed systems". ive seen pictures if some distilleries though that appear to be using 350 - 550 gal ss tanks that somehow qualify as closed? can anyone confirm this, maybe send a link or a picture ? maybe we're thinking too conservatively about this thanks much
  7. I wonder if this covers wineries aging brandy on their premises and sending aged spirits to a DSP or rectifier for bottling?
  8. could check these guys out. I've seen em used at local wineries, and they're a solid product.
  9. Just FYI... i think the GHS (global harmonized system) is moving to SDS as opposed to MSDS. unless i was just told that to sell me the service of printing shipping labels and DOT stickers. This is what we've been using, a google search might turn up something useful: CAS-NO. 64-17-5 Also for the record, Beverage alcohol is UN3065, as opposed to UN1170 which is 190+ PRODUCT NAME CAS-NO. 64-17-5 EU INDEX NO. EC (EINECS) NO. SYNONYMS, TRADE NAMES Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol 50-90% APPLICATION Beverage Alcohol
  10. i was pretty stoked. . . i had the circulation loop going, but stsrted with the transfer hose on a racking port and was gonna gravity fill. . . i started one barrel and said screw that, gonna take forever haha. necessity is the mother of invention. it worked great (and when i bought the fill nozzle, i verified it could take a certain amount of back pressure, just to make sure)
  11. We're just starting our aging program... but I'm already thinking about things down the line. Anyone got any tips or tricks for emptying 53gal barrels? I think our plan is to fashion some kind of rack they can roll on out of 2x4's and just empty them over a 350 gal stainless steel tank... i know thats gonna take forever though due to the exchange of liquid and air when emptying. i know there are racking stems that wineries use... just curious if anyone else has a trick setup. Cheers
  12. thanks, thats helpful. i knew i was missing something
  13. So I have tried searching around the TTB website, to no real avail. Aside from creating a bulk gauge worksheet for the transfer of spirits from storage tanks to barrels, does anyone know if there are additional forms/reports that are necessary when moving spirits to wood? As far as i understand, its going from storage to storage (as opposed to storage to processing)... so doesnt need to be identified on the monthly operations reports... Thoughts? Thanks much, D.
  14. i saw these barrel breathers on the modern marvels jack Daniels show . . . anyone know where to buy em?
  15. yeah i getcha. maybe i can fashion something together
  16. just posted our setup and link to the nozzle we use in this thread
  17. We have a self cavitating tank pump that we set up for circulation (so the spirit doesnt stratify) I set up a "T" on top of the pump output, which connects to a transfer hose and a gas pump style filling nozzle from Finish Thompson ( When the filler handle is depressed, the output of the pump is channeled into the transfer hose, and when the handle is released, the flow goes back into the tank for circulation. much quicker than gravity feeding. I can fill a 53 gallon barrel in about a minute.
  18. Anybody on here using a wax dip to seal your bottles, as opposed to a heat shrink or spin on? I have a client that has opted to go with this finish, and as i have never applied wax before, just looking for any suggestions. We will be heating the wax in a crock pot to the manufactures specified melting temp. I have been advised that the wax is specially formulated to dry almost instantly, and should only need 1-2 dips to properly seal the top. Thanks in advance for input.
  19. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone has experienced a milky haze (tested via lab as calcium carbonate) suspended in their product after bottling, described in the link below, and if so, what you did about it. A client we produce for (but do not dilute or bottle) recently experienced this and we're trying to offer them solutions. In my 16 years of distilling, we have never once come across this. Any thoughts?
  20. i should also clarify, we werent "worried' about it. . . just curious as to how often others might be experiencing it thanks for the replies. ill have to inquire about the sparging details.
  21. the main problem thats being faced is its impossible to tell if the bottles are afflicted ( its a frosted bottle... of course) until the product has already been bottled. per that link above, the glass can be treated with fluorine gas or something, but im not sure if the manufacturer can offer that option. i was just curious how common this was... I had never even heard about it until this happened, and had never seen it mentioned here. Perhaps there are others that have experienced it.
  22. New to spirits bottling, but have a long record of bottling other products. I believe they've had their water tested, and it passed muster. Im reasonably satisfied that the information contained in the link above is the culprit, I was just curious if any other small batch distillers had experienced anything similar. Seems like the main factor would be storage of glass bulk glass either at the manufacturer, or in transit... not sure if glass order size (custom vs stock glass, etc) would be a significant variable.
  23. depends on what you're trying to clean from the surface. But if it's normal Brewing stuff we have had very good luck with PBW. I believe that's what most breweries use to clean their tanks as well
  24. if its a standard bung hole, they make stoppers with small. apertures in the top on which to afix the air lock