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  1. I have a couple clients looking at chill filtration- is it one that has it's own refrigeration or to a separate glycol chiller?
  2. If you need any chilling for the mash, drop me a line. We can set up a dual temp setting chiller for down to 35F water for mash cooling and 50F for still runs.
  3. Hey, Kannuk. Getting ready to ship a chiller over to Buffalo *I used to live just South of Bflo. So you getting ready for the "leafs" stab at the cup? Good luck and if you need a chiller, I do business with a chiller Co. in Toronto as well- probably easier for you. To Hudson B- I also handle a line of dry (chiller by air- radiator type) chillers. I supplied one to a Duluth distiller, that way he doesn't use city water in the winter.
  4. Generally. you need a separate room for boiler- alcohol fumes can cause an explosion.
  5. sent email, apparently you can't receive messages here. that must be annoying.

  6. ...have a few reconditioned chillers to match up, if needed to purchase. Mike G., 678-773-2794
  7. Hi, I offer both large hybrid coolers and also dry circuit coolers (smaller size, 6 & 12 ton with circulating pump) which I use as winter coolers in Northern climates but could be set up as you describe. I assume you have some type of reservoir to return medium temp water and then pump through chiller for the second stage and out to loads. A couple photos. Contact me for any other ideas you have.
  8. Geoff, If you need any help with boiler or chillers, we work with both type systems along with the cooling loads. Latest shipments to TN, IN and VA operations with CA, NC and FL "on Deck". If you need any help on spirit filtering, we work with a brewery-distillery consultant on those applications. I am NE of ATL. Call anytime 678-773-2794 Cell.
  9. Used to live just S of Buffalo and grew up in wince country!
  10. Hi and good luck! Mike
  11. Had to change my website domain- now Lost all the email from my old website, so if anyone has tried to email me via my website, try my new one. Got a couple photos of our new Boiler line. shell/tubes have a 20 yr warranty. Mike Gronski
  12. Hey Rich, Up here outside the Perimeter of Atlanta- if you need any help on the cooling/heating side, give me a shout, Shipped a cooling system to Daytona, FL last yr to a rum producer there. We put an extra Tstat in the system so he can toggle between 45F water for still cooling and 25F for chill filtering.
  13. We now have added filtration services- equipment plus consulting for brewers and distillers. Soon to be added, filtration package drawings.
  14. What options do you have available for reconditioned chillers?

  15. Make sure you install a strainer on the inlet of the city water- always winds up you have sediment in the city water line.