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  1. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    It seems to me that we all need to batten down the hatches and pre-pair for the fallout. I feel that the distillery bubble is just about ready to burst. This year (2017) will be by far the biggest year on record of distilleries going out of business. There are many factors why I feel this way bust just to name a few. Two main reasons to always reflect on. The battle for Shelf Space, and Operating Capital. And a couple more. 1. To much bourbon. I believe that this is the year that the larger number of distilleries will for the first time be trying to sell there brown spirits. The problem is not there local area it would be everywhere else they are trying to sell the brown juice. The Distilleries will be battling in a marketing game, and that in it self requires MONEY and TIME, and time cost MONEY. To put up all that bourbon cost Money straight out of the operating capital. When product does not move as quickly thought. The R.O.I. Is much greater and the hit is much harder. 2. I Deal with people from every corner of the world, in every facet of this industry. I deal with people that have big budgets and small budgets. I am aways blown away when someone just wants to make a little booze and thinks they have got to have a $200,000 dollar still, or pay $75,000 for a 50 gallon pot. The reason for item #2 is the spending of MONEY in the most stupid ways possible. People don't stop and think that some of the biggest components of equipment are truly the least important. People think the need the biggest and baddest still but forget about the boiler, chiller, mash cooker, ferm tanks, bottles, labels, and all the small things that nickel and dime a start up. Stop and think "how many bottles do I have to make to pay this off". 3. Sell out, sell off. One of the biggest mistake someone could make is to sell off the larger part of stock in the company to get to the place they need to be or get the equipment they think they need. When you realize that you are not really the owner and your are more a employee that person cares a little less and gives up quicker. When you work the hours we all do at a distillery and think...."I could be making more money flipping burgers".....how much heart do you have really in it. People have medical problems but I am floored by how many distillers are selling out because of it. I get it no one on earth want to admit "I Failed". So don't sell your soul just to crush your dream. 4. This one will be easy. Operating Capital- how many times have you looked around your distillery and saw a piece of equipment that you bought a while back and thought "man, I wish I never bought that" Or "I would like to have the money I spent on that". #4 = Don't buy stupid Crap. THINK. It comes right out of your Operating Capital. 5. Distilleries trying to do something so so different that they Distill there way right out of a business. Think about what you do before you spend the money. I just checked yesterday and let me see, time, grain, water, labels, bottles, and corks still are not cheap. So is it a good idea to have 100 cases of something that won't sell. Please, impress the bank with your massive over stock of junk. 6. This one is kinda like #5. Not listening to your patrons. People that will go out of business are probably bull headed and think "If I make it they will come". Make products that is proven that people like. You don't have to copy, put your own spin. Know what is selling on the markets. 7. Getting out in front of the public. You may be making booze, but you are also selling your self / story. You spent all this money on a shiny piece of copper, where is your advertising money? Distilleries have to get out in front on the public doing tasting, and ect. I see a trend of people not doing that as much as is needed. 8. Part of #7. I was in a very top self liquor store today and there was 250 different types of brown spirits. Which one do I choose? 9. Battle for shelf space. With the gates opening on distilleries all over the us and more imports coming in, the battle for shelf space has begun. All the money you spent making that rum, whiskey, vodka, ect, will be for nothing if you can't get it on the shelf. Enough said. Summary-Rough seas ahead. Tighten your belts. I am all ready seeing lots of used NOS everywhere. It used to be when something was put online it was gone in hours. Now it just sits there... I wish everybody always thoughts. I wish everyone the very best. Let us all be in good SPIRITS in 2017 and the years to follow. Joseph Dehner
  2. Spiced Rum

    Yes, we can make flavoring. It spiced rum or any thing really it is much easier to make a "concentrate" and the add that to you batch for a way better control of your taste profile. On the flip side, and I very much get your point about craft. You have to be able to make money. You can hug trees and distill only on full moons and stuff but if you don't make money....... well you just may have more time to hug trees. We do both, make are own and buy flavors. We use only all natural flavors never any NA flavors, or A flavors. Like I said before we make a lot of money mixing flavors for people everyday (contract bottling work) I have about $15,000-$20,000 worth of flavor on hand at any given time. some by the gallon and some by the 5 gallon pail, as little as $135 per gallon and some as much as $995 per gallon..... but it gets the job done. PS - the $995 per gallon jug will flavor about 85,000 750ml bottles...its super concentrated. I can make any type of gin you want with my super gin flavor, about 2-3 cups of flavor into 330gallons of vodka, POOF!!!! the best darn gin you have ever tasted......... Look to each there own, but I seen it take so much time doing it the hard way that would have been easier to not even make the product. I helped one company make a blue berry liquor one time (it was very good). They used a little over $5 per bottle production cost in wild hand picked blue berries, and to make a 35 gallon batch took 45hours worth of my time....... I felt bad so I used all natural flavor and had a blind taste test with the owners. LORDS TRUTH, they thought they had picked theres because it was so smooth, and the other was harsh and smelled and tasted fake..... but they really picked the one that I made with the flavoring. Guess the one they went with? Right, there high dollar one, now they are struggling because they have to sell it for so much money to pay for the production, plus it is made by hand in 35 g batches so they can't commit to new distributers because they don't have the capacity of production. The cost of the flavor sample I put together for them was about .18 - .22 per 750ml (far from $5+) plus I could make a 500 gallon tank full in about 30minutes. It is all in what you want, and what you think your customers will pay for. Please keep in mind the average customer could care less. just look at the flavored vodkas, flavored whiskeys, flavored anything... In my biz I stopped saying I was CRAFT long ago. After I about went out of biz about 3 times in the first 2 years bring to be craft. I learned that it is about making money, so great products, great production methods, low over head, and some other magic. I reinvented my self and my business model, to be this "The craftier side of craft". Anyways, I just expanded for the 4th time now since starting 5 years ago. Thanks and sorry for the long rant.
  3. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    I am with this guy! No one even really knows what the wording on the back of the label means anyway.......
  4. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Ironton, Good view. But you can drink a lot more beer than you can cocktails. Plus sounds like you are not serving beer.... I have not given in at all, as a matter of fact we just expanded again for the 4th time. I am one of the highest production distilleries in the mid-west. Not going to lie contract bottling is a great thing. If we can just get this FET down..... O MAN..... let me spend some money...... Southernhigh..... seems like your guy needs a continuous still not pot stills. I really like Glens rant.... I guess its how you look at it. I am super careful, but then you have people that just dive right in thinking they know everything. I have seen time and time again new distillers come into my place and see some of my used of re furb'ed equipment and think "gross or something like that" they go and buy brand new stuff.... now most are out of biz or on there way out, meanwhile I'm chugging along. Best of luck to everyone. I never would wish anyone out of biz because that is not a road I would ever want to go down.....
  5. Spiced Rum

    buy the flavoring and be done. don't be a super hero..... make money, don't waste time.
  6. Sprinkler temperature requirements

    I just tell them what I want and they put them in. I normally go with 250f around the still. and normal 145f everywhere else. If it gets up to 250F you will pass out first... :0)
  7. Hello, I am looking for some one who has extra stock of the Bruni- 750ml bottle called "Desiree". They just sold out and I am looking to get a pallet or more. Please let me know If you have any or know someone who does. 515-559-4879 Joseph Dehner
  8. Looking for a Bruni - DESIREE bottle 750 Please help!!

    never mind . problem solved. bought a couple containers...
  9. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Any way... Time to steer this train back on its tracks. Prepare for the fallout..... I see it happening now. People selling off they equipment before they even use it. Other people snacking it up like candy only to maybe suffer the same fate because they are some how smarter. Does the average person realize how many bottles it take to pay the monthly bills and pay for the loans and running cost. If you were to only pay in bottles how many would that be? Now how many bottles can you sell in a month, it is on thing to get your new product in the store but to get it out is another. I know people that put so much money is making Bourbon, now it is starting to get over oaked so they are dumping and storing in totes because they can't sell there product very fast. They over produced. Think of all that money just sitting there.... I can't imagine someone thinking there going to hit it, they are going to do something thats never been done before...... more power to you.
  10. Wine cap style crimper

    call packing logistic in MN they can get you a hand crimper. They can get you the pre- rolled caps also. 763-754-9461 Ask for Jim and tell him "Joe Dehner" sent you. I got a semi auto one from UKS it is bad ass! I have two heads, one for 750 and one for minis. www.uksinc.com I like it better than anything else because it is built in Italy, and Like a brick $hit house. And most important----- the head lowers to the bottle not the bottle raving to the head like the cheap china crap. When the head drops to the bottle then I can automate it in a line if i want. I did have to buy it a plane ticket from Italy to the USA but it is so with it. I have done over a hundred thousand with my machine. And it is so easy to change sizes. questions please call me at 515-559-4879
  11. Selling off the farm, MUST GO!

    We are selling off extra equipment. Must go! 480 gallon Mojoinner Bros. steam jacketed still. about 36"-38" dia. x 8' -9' tall asking $26,000 OBO it has 3 different zone for steam heating. this unit has to have some work done to it. We can do everything for you if you wish for a price. 3 plate chillers from Muller Tank CO. asking $150 each 1. two of them are about 4' or 5' by 4' or 5' and about 2" thick 2. one of them is about 2' by 8' and about 2" thick Electric Shrink tunnel, FULL BOTTLE SHRINK, used, - $4000 Runs on 1-phase 220v, can run off of 3phase-220v This unit will shrink full sized bottles. 200 gallon round tank , used, stainless steel - asking $500 345g closed top Stainless IBC tote, used- asking $1450 350 g round closed top -round tote, used super nice- asking $1750 330 g round closed top -round tote, used super nice- asking $1750 conveyor belts coming soon.....will have new listing Questions please ask or call or e-mail 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  12. Labelling Questions

    I have seen the same thing happen. That thick card stock is not good on round bottles.
  13. passivating stainless

    I have a Surfox machine for doing just what your looking for.
  14. Freshly dumped, once used bourbon barrels

    I am spooling up to have a lot of fresh dumped barrels.
  15. Bottles for sale .30 750ml

    I have about 14,784 bottles to sell. 14 pallets, 88 cases per pallet. The cost is .30 cents and comes with a new White cardboard box, 12-pk case. Bottles are 750ml. The cap is a standard 28mm TE cap. Kinda like a coke bottle cap. I have caps too, or get them from BERRY. This is the same bottle as "DI AMORE" Please call or write. 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  16. After 5 years and Broke

    Mash, I would like to say that I am very sorry that you had to go through all of your hardships and the ups and downs. If feel it takes a very big man to tell a story as you did. I think very highly of you and always will. You are welcome at my place anytime. I truly wish great things for you in any new adventures. Thanks & Take care.
  17. Attn distilleries with multiple stills operating at once.

    Duh, Of coarse they are there to protect. My point is there is no set standard set by the city or the states. There are code books but the ones who sign off on the permits are not the same. There is a reason I am where I am. Because across the street is a different town and they had a distillery classified one level above Nuclear Waste, and I am not joking. My city said something like "I have know idea what the heck they are thinking over there". On another note, We have a massive safety program our selves. "codes keep us safe" more like "We keep us safe". Like I want to blow my self up.......SIGN ME UP.....knock on wood.. Some cities are great to work with, some you will go broke tring to meet all the demands... Same goes for states, Iowa is awesome, Minnesota is an insane pain in the aspirin. Just saying. Take care, and good luck.
  18. What is it?

    Corn OIL.
  19. Cloudy Sprit

    Did you use RO water or what kind of water did you use? does it settle out?
  20. Bottles for sale .30 750ml

    Looking to move these bottles.
  21. Selling off the farm, MUST GO!

    yes it is.
  22. Pumps for High Proof Alcohol

    We use several Sand Piper pumps, SS with teflon plates. 45gpm or more
  23. Need a Steam generator opinion

    Continuous still. Get ahold of me if you want one.
  24. Attn distilleries with multiple stills operating at once.

    man that code stuff sucks. it is a biz killer
  25. What happens to the alchohol when a distillery goes out

    You could just destroy it. If you are planning to fail right out of the gate then I would say don't start. I say that in a nice way. It is not a good mind set to have. good luck.