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  1. Continuous Still Video by Red Boot

    Please check out the video Via YouTube. I just completed the continuous still install at Old Glory Distilling Company in Clarksville, TN. If you get a chance please stop by. Only 40 Min north of Nashville! Let me know what you think of the video. Take care!! Thanks: Joseph Dehner Joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  2. Continuous Still Video by Red Boot

    You should come down when I get the new unit here in West Des Moines, Iowa up and going.
  3. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    Yes a surge breaker or a atmospheric breather............ just put a tee fitting with a tube going up about 4' at the first joint coming off your condenser.
  4. Spiced Rum

    From all the flavor house that I use they will give you the FIDS sheet for the TTB for when you are doing formulation. It is very standard practice. I only use all natural flavors also. Take care. 515-559-4879
  5. Private Label Estimate and Contract Examples

    we do tons of contract bottling. it is 1. time 2. what you are doing 3. how complex it is 4. how many stickers/ labels 5. is there extra work? put hang tags on or build custom boxes??? 6. volume to be filled. Also, its not how many cases per year it is how many cases per bottling run.... 515-559-4879 Take care.
  6. Ceiling height

    Hello, I am looking to produce a new continuous still line for the average distiller. This equipment is normally very tall. I would like to know what your "CLEAR" height is inside your distillery where you would put a still. We are thinking that the normal is 12' but please advise. We can always build in a kit to make it 10' with a kit to make it 12' or 14'...... The taller we can make it the better the performance. You can text or call if you have questions. 515-559-4879
  7. Caution using some Ace Roto-mold inductor tanks

    I just read this. I am just letting you know I use these tanks also. These tanks are rated at a maximum of X pounds per gallon. I think it is something like 8.5 lb per gallon. So if you are fermenting grain in one of these you are going way over the working limit. Rum is not normally a problem. They are great for holding finished liquids but not for holding liquids with grains. They do make a Blue colored tank that has a much higher density rating, but they are hard to find in the smaller volumes. Just letting you know. Just use a IBC tote, they are cheap and will work just fine. Take care.
  8. 4 head bottle filler

    Vinter vault Get a air pump with it.
  9. Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

  10. I have many freshly dumped barrels. Several Bourbon and several Rye 53 gallon barrels. Some with bungs on the side and some with bungs on the end. I will have an constant supply of these barrels, as we go through them all the time. Asking $120 each, OBO. FOB from Clive, IA 50325 CopperCross.com
  11. Ceiling height

    We are very excited to be able to offer custom continuous stills in any size and flow rate. Remember if you are upgrading your equipment.... DON'T DO POT stills. Do continuous. We are really looking forward to our new turn key small units. Joseph@dehnerdistillery.com 515-559-4879
  12. Cost to filter spirit

    You can build your own. Or get an oil bath or water bath, or build your own steam heater.
  13. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    Teflon coated packing with a tensioner. would fix that. Or a different mixer.
  14. Loss of abv while carbon treating

    Food for thought. When we filter vodka through our carbon we don't back wash with water. We leave the vodka in our filter system untill the next time we use it just so we don't have this problem. It is always 80 proof, Always.
  15. Cost to filter spirit

    As your running keep a glass full of water and another empty glass, take the empty glass and get about 50-80ml of distillate and add the same amount of water. If it goes cloudy STOP collecting in that vessel. IT IS TAILS, the oils will diemulsify (come out of solution) at a lower proof. If you have to chill filter on a small scale you will hate life. And the extra hours you spend doing that will just eat up your profit and you day.
  16. ITF-14 Barcode

    Sonnyk, does not know what they are talking about. Sorry Sonnyk. You can do everything from the data driver. If you have problems just give me a call. 515-559-4879 I'll be glad to help.
  17. Ceiling height

    Thank you very much for all of the replies. FYI- I have a older continuous still I made 5 years ago that I operate, that is all self contained and 10 foot tall that will process 1 gpm @160 proof max. It was 14' at one time and would do over 190 proof. But I am doing all new designs so get ready for something much better. As I said before, I am still building the big tall units. I am looking to build some easy turn key units. I can't wait to show you them.
  18. 50 ml carton: how many wee bottles?

    I have heard both sides. For us it works. But I think it might be what your selling too.
  19. Reverse Osmosis or Deionized water

    We only use ro water for cutting. us water systems.
  20. Continuous Stills

    Did you know we build continuous stills? We have several types and we build them custom to what works best for the customer. We computer model each and every unit for maximum performance. We tune each one and run it on a computer model before starting the first weld. We have a couple new turn key models coming out that will be skid mount with steam generator (or no steam generator) for simple use. We are currently completing our line of single pass continuous stills, no more just stripping, now do just one and done! Plus the best thing is these will sell for a very very inexpensive price tag as compared to what is on the market now, not to mention that are through put of GPM is 5 times more than what is out on the market. I will be posting pics soon of my current continuous still build right here in IOWA. We are building one of the largest continuous stills for any micro distillery in North America, maybe the world. Capable of operating at just over 30 gallons per minute, tuned at 17 gpm. Able to distill down 9000 gallons in about 8-9 hours. Big 6" sight glasses (2 per tray 180degress apart) so you can look right thought it, complete with LED lights, and go pro cameras. Also, a custom 550g pot still. Stay tuned. Joseph@dehnerdistillery.com 515-559-4879
  21. At what point is a pot still too big?

    We build continuous stills currently.
  22. Ceiling height

    Thank you very much with the info so far. We are still going to build bigger Continuous stills (thats our niche), but I was looking to make a line of continuous stills for some of the smaller distilleries out there. The small distilleries that don't have a steam boiler.
  23. Wiring Control Box

    yes add a fan. That is going to build some heat. I would also say make sure the sensor is on the upstream side of the ssr that is controlled, It might through your sensor off do to the line pluse.
  24. I have freshly dumped rye and bourbon barrels for sale. This will be on going, so I should have them all the time. Some have bungs on the end and some are normal location. Some are galvanized bands, some are raw steel. Asking $110 each. at 50325 515-559-4879 please text for pics
  25. Barrel logo engraving

    I made my logo with my CNC plasma table. Then I can burn or paint the head.