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    TTB Approved Shimmer?

  2. Dehner Distillery

    Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    about 120 p
  3. Hello, I have some extra barrels floating around I'd like to get rid of. All of them are 53 gallons. 8- Rye 2 years old as of November 2017 asking $2750 (95% rye/ 5%malted barley) 13 - barrels Bourbon will be 2 years old Feb-24-2018 asking $2500 (60%corn/36%rye / 4%malted barley) Asking for prices shown or best offer for multi barrels. Please call 515-559-4879 thanks: Joseph D. Joseph@coppercross.com
  4. Dehner Distillery

    Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    Hey guys I am trying to sell some barrels here. Please start another thread about your topic, not on my listing. Thanks. I have 4 Bourbon and 8 rye, both over two years.
  5. Dehner Distillery

    TTB Certified hydrometer

  6. Dehner Distillery

    Super cheap bottles

    These are sold, But we are getting in several truck loads of 1liters, 750ml, and 1.75l bottles we can sell.
  7. Dehner Distillery

    Super cheap bottles

    I have some bottles for sale, very cheap. I have standard 750ml round with TE threads, asking .30 cents. I can sell caps for .05c, many colors .. I have several pallets I have 1 liter round bottles also, with 28-400 thread. asking .30c . I have loads of caps. I will give the caps for free. Please call or text or e-mail me. 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  8. Dehner Distillery

    Subbing out production

    We would like to give you a bid for complete contract bottling and labeling services.
  9. Dehner Distillery

    Still agitator

    I'm good. Thanks for the offer.
  10. Dehner Distillery

    Still agitator

    Well you got it right, If you can't beat them, Join them..... Now you can sell a great mixer. A step in the right direction. You will see no call backs now. You will loads of free time.
  11. I have many freshly dumped barrels. Several Bourbon and several Rye 53 gallon barrels. Some with bungs on the side and some with bungs on the end. I will have an constant supply of these barrels, as we go through them all the time. Asking $120 each, OBO. FOB from Clive, IA 50325 CopperCross.com
  12. Dehner Distillery

    Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    more barrels to sell 515-559-4879
  13. Dehner Distillery

    Steven Cage

    looks very nice.
  14. Dehner Distillery

    Still agitator

    Brawn mixers are hands down the best on the market. It is the only thing they do, MIXERS. Don't be fooled by people that sell other things and mixers. It would be like buying a computer at walmart while shopping for apples. Brawn mixers are just a battle axe of a mixer. I have 4 of them and they run flawlessly. There is my 2 cents.
  15. Dehner Distillery

    Cane sugar

    My thought is that if it has a slight color to it, it will not by the time it is added to the final product. Your not selling sugar water.
  16. Dehner Distillery

    Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    I have more barrels for sale. 53 gallon......Fresh dumped bourbon. 515-559-4879
  17. Dehner Distillery

    T top corks

    CCR Makes really great corkers! A+++
  18. Dehner Distillery

    Square Bottle Labeler

    I have a Primera 550. It works great.
  19. Dehner Distillery

    Steam Boiler - Low Pressure - 324,000 btu

    where is it located? Thanks.
  20. Dehner Distillery

    COLA for different bottle sizes?

    You do not need a new cola if you change bottle size.
  21. Dehner Distillery

    Spent Grains after on-grain distillation

    The stillage is super high in protein. Thats why they sell WDG & DDG on the open market.
  22. Dehner Distillery

    Craft is Not a Commodity

    Dear Roger - I am sorry your upset. That is just the way the world world works. Dear Microshiner- I live in Iowa, a place where I drive every day through seas of corn fields. I would find it impossible to buy corn from a small boutique farmer. Around here your not a real farmer unless you farm 10,000 acres or more. I have made hundred of connections and friends on this forum. I am not here to upset them at all. The fact of the matter is every distiller has different plans in life, different target customers, different areas to sell into. We are NOT the same, nor would I want to be. Food for thought, there are 2000ish micro distilleries in the USA. If half of them are on this forum, and half of them are holding back because they know me, well then there should be 500 + people arguing with me right now calling me the devil, but it really only seems to be 2 people. So maybe things are just as clear as mud as far as what happens behind the scenes in this industry. Take care.
  23. Dehner Distillery

    Subbing out production

    It would really be up to the distillery that would be doing all your work. I say go for it. I started out super small.
  24. Dehner Distillery

    Craft is Not a Commodity

    I hear everyone hear, I do. I feel that every single distillery is not the same. Yes, we have a lot of the common problems. But no 2 distilleries are truly the same. We each have demons we are fighting. It may be in the form of not the right equipment, or to small of a space or, or no paper towels on the towel holder. We all are different. Each of us has an idea of a business model. How we work our distilleries is up each and every one of us. It is not for one to judge another. I am sorry, I have been around the block a couple times and I can tell you on certain product 99.99% of the public does not care where it comes from. It is about how much it cost, and does it taste good?... Craft is just not for everyone. When I first started I was Hard Core Craft, I was the hardest of hard core. But there was a point when I about went out of business, and at that point I broke. I had to decide if I wanted to stay in business or do something else. I love this industry more than anything in the world (but for my family). I choose to stay in it but I had to change up my plan. I went in to contract bottling and have never looked back. What started out as $28,000 (yes, thats what I started with) has boomed into what I have today. We have our own line of spirts and provide bulk and contract bottling for people all over the USA, along with a equipment building division. We have developed new never seen before technology with the help of Iowa State University to process & treat our GNS vodka, rums, creams, and our bourbons & rye to some of the best in the world. My clients range from small MOM and POP distilleries, to the BIG BOYS. I am so very proud to do what I do. I found my niche in this market and I am running with it. Also, there has been hundreds of people call me to ask question about all most anything to do with a distillery. I try take time out of my busy day to help out a person in need because I was there at one time or another. I may not be hard core craft but I am still a nice guy. To say "Craft is not a commodity" is a statement I would agree and disagree with. It is very easily a commodity in the since that anyone can put it on there bottle and some how it demands a higher price point or better quality standard. On the other hand "craft" becomes something that is perceived only by those doing this crafty thing, what ever that is. Example, treating GNS, or bourbon in a special way now makes that product "CRAFTED" by all definition. I may not have made the vodka, I did make the vodka better, and that is a craft in its self. I think one must decide for them selves what craft is. If craft is not just ordering GNS, and custom processing it, then a grain to glass distillery thats semi automated is not either, right? If a distillery does not grow there own grain, or build there own barrels is it only half craft? I think everyone offers a little craft somehow. Where? At what point does hands on or hands off become or not become craft. I think to me it is a skill set not a process. Example, I craft my GNS. You craft your whiskey, not process. Example 2, I craft the stills I build, not process. I have a feeling this is like throwing gas on a fire, but thats what is great about all this. Just like the quote "Never ask a question you don't want the answer to." I wish everyone a good day.
  25. Dehner Distillery


    I can supply you all of the bourbon you need. Please let me know. 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com