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  1. Craft is Not a Commodity

    I hear everyone hear, I do. I feel that every single distillery is not the same. Yes, we have a lot of the common problems. But no 2 distilleries are truly the same. We each have demons we are fighting. It may be in the form of not the right equipment, or to small of a space or, or no paper towels on the towel holder. We all are different. Each of us has an idea of a business model. How we work our distilleries is up each and every one of us. It is not for one to judge another. I am sorry, I have been around the block a couple times and I can tell you on certain product 99.99% of the public does not care where it comes from. It is about how much it cost, and does it taste good?... Craft is just not for everyone. When I first started I was Hard Core Craft, I was the hardest of hard core. But there was a point when I about went out of business, and at that point I broke. I had to decide if I wanted to stay in business or do something else. I love this industry more than anything in the world (but for my family). I choose to stay in it but I had to change up my plan. I went in to contract bottling and have never looked back. What started out as $28,000 (yes, thats what I started with) has boomed into what I have today. We have our own line of spirts and provide bulk and contract bottling for people all over the USA, along with a equipment building division. We have developed new never seen before technology with the help of Iowa State University to process & treat our GNS vodka, rums, creams, and our bourbons & rye to some of the best in the world. My clients range from small MOM and POP distilleries, to the BIG BOYS. I am so very proud to do what I do. I found my niche in this market and I am running with it. Also, there has been hundreds of people call me to ask question about all most anything to do with a distillery. I try take time out of my busy day to help out a person in need because I was there at one time or another. I may not be hard core craft but I am still a nice guy. To say "Craft is not a commodity" is a statement I would agree and disagree with. It is very easily a commodity in the since that anyone can put it on there bottle and some how it demands a higher price point or better quality standard. On the other hand "craft" becomes something that is perceived only by those doing this crafty thing, what ever that is. Example, treating GNS, or bourbon in a special way now makes that product "CRAFTED" by all definition. I may not have made the vodka, I did make the vodka better, and that is a craft in its self. I think one must decide for them selves what craft is. If craft is not just ordering GNS, and custom processing it, then a grain to glass distillery thats semi automated is not either, right? If a distillery does not grow there own grain, or build there own barrels is it only half craft? I think everyone offers a little craft somehow. Where? At what point does hands on or hands off become or not become craft. I think to me it is a skill set not a process. Example, I craft my GNS. You craft your whiskey, not process. Example 2, I craft the stills I build, not process. I have a feeling this is like throwing gas on a fire, but thats what is great about all this. Just like the quote "Never ask a question you don't want the answer to." I wish everyone a good day.
  2. Bourbon

    I can supply you all of the bourbon you need. Please let me know. 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  3. Craft is Not a Commodity

    So, I was very confused by what the very first part said. Personally, I don't ever see the big distilling companies going out of business. Do you think the owners of Coors brewing is awake at night because of people craft brewing in there garage??? NO, And that person should not be. Unlike brewing that actually serves a local portion of a community acting much like a funnel serving so many square block radius. A distillery with its high powered drinks should not rely on the same system for support. A brand with several products must be established because a much farther reach of there said products is the only way this so called distillery will remain to exist. In this industry I am just floored by people who claim to be hard core craft, and would spit on the feet of who is not a purest have "special" shipments of GNS, whiskey, name your poison. Heck I have been a lot of places and done a lot of consulting on my projects, and all I can tell you is there are so many people out there that are so TWO FACE about these things. I really don't think when they started they thought they where going to end up there in any combination of the following= to much invested, takes to long to make, can't make it, don't want to make it, can't meet demand, needs a new line of products, ect. I see so many people that have so much money invested in there distillery come and visit my distillery and all tho they don't say it I know they are thinking how much better there place is than mine, and how great and better they are going to make there product. But the truth is there place is super cool, but they also have to sell about 5000 bottles a month to keep the lights on. These are distilleries where craft goes out the window because being craft will not keep there lights on, thats when they come over to the dark side. I believe that "CRAFT" is over done. I get it, I take a ton of pride when I knock out another batch of spiced rum, or what ever. But the thing is, if everyone says it then it has no real meaning. Just like dating a girl.... she tells you she loves you but after she tells you like 1,000,000 times it has no meaning and she becomes a stages 9 clinger. My point is craft is craft yes but to much craft is not craft at all. To play in this game of distilling you have to be more crafty then craft, you have to be smart with your money, smart with your head, and quick on your feet. Some said in a post somewhere that don't quit your day job to bottle commodity whiskey. I don't believe that all. I believe the general public does not give a crap about so much over priced craft products. You can totally make huge money bottling pre made products. I paid $84 for a bottle of High West that is not really made by High West. Should I crucify them? Heck no, that is there business plan, and good for them. What about Titos?,what about hundreds of other brands?? Should they be bashed? I think not. My lesson is craft is a choice, a craft distillery can support a community, but the average community can't support a craft distillery. Thats my 2 cents. I am just expecting to get some very juicy feedback for this one. Bring it on I have broad shoulders.
  4. Federal Excise Tax and my thoughts

    My thought is that if you lower your prices then why did you even fight to get this passed? The Idea was so we all could make more money. Also, until this is permeant you had better hoard your nuts. Pay off loans, any and all debit, get different equipment, ect. if two years rolls around and if goes away your going to feel like a dumb butt lowering your prices.
  5. Federal Excise Tax and my thoughts

    Hello, The Federal Excise Tax will help use all out, no doubt. Here are some things you want to think about. 1. It is on the first 100,000 Proof gallons per DSP. I do contract bottling, each DSP is worth $1,080,000 if maxed out. I will be applying for another DSP to take advantage of this. I will be applying for more if I come close to maxing out my first 2 DSP's. 2. My bond for my DSP lets says is $80,000 @ $13.50 a proof gallon I could only have 5925 Proof gallons on hand at any time. But now $80,000 bond I can have 29,629 proof gallons on hand at any time. So for people that have no bond or a $20,000 they can have 7407 proof gallons. 3. If this is not made permanent by 2020. I highly suggest to have cash stock piled and remove as much finished product as you can to your unbounded area even if it a storage unit before the end of December 31, 2019 so you can pay the $2.70 a proof gallon. 4. This was made to help out the little guys, correct? Well I can tell you if I was Brown Forman, or Diago, or any of the big guys I would take full advantage of this new law. If I was them I would build an industrial park with 200, 10,000 sq ft bays. I would then have a main tank farm in the middle feeding each bay, or feed off a tanker truck outside. I would set up 3 bottling lines on skids. Each of the 200 bays would have there very own DSP. I would start with bay 1 and reach the 100,000 pg limit and start the next bay, meanwhile move the filling equipment to bay 4 and keep staging equipment until all 200 DSP's were used up. 200 DSP's is worth $216,000,000. To me that would seem like easy money. I have made it my mission to help other distilleries out. I talk to people all over the country everyday. I offer my thoughts and suggestions with a grain of salt. Take Care: Joseph Dehner 515-5594879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  6. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    Well a lot of people trying to run off with my for sale listing. I think they must be chatting about how great the quality is. I am selling some great tasting bourbon now 23 months old. $2000 per 53 gallon barrel Also, some super great Rye Whiskey that is 2year and 3 months old. $2100 per 53 gallon barrel Some people are selling whiskey on this forum for $60 per gallon, get it way cheaper here. Super Duper quality, top shelf!
  7. Hello, I have some extra barrels floating around I'd like to get rid of. All of them are 53 gallons. 8- Rye 2 years old as of November 2017 asking $2750 (95% rye/ 5%malted barley) 13 - barrels Bourbon will be 2 years old Feb-24-2018 asking $2500 (60%corn/36%rye / 4%malted barley) Asking for prices shown or best offer for multi barrels. Please call 515-559-4879 thanks: Joseph D. Joseph@coppercross.com
  8. Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    I have barrels all the time.
  9. I have many freshly dumped barrels. Several Bourbon and several Rye 53 gallon barrels. Some with bungs on the side and some with bungs on the end. I will have an constant supply of these barrels, as we go through them all the time. Asking $120 each, OBO. FOB from Clive, IA 50325 CopperCross.com
  10. EZDISTILLING.com need ideas

    I want to give back to the distilling world. It was not so easy for me starting out. I would really like to be a positive part of the distilling community. I am putting together a simple little web site where I will shoot videos of tip and tricks around the distillery and post them to youtube. How to build some of the more complex equipment that we use or can't afford at our distilleries or maybe it is just a simple question. ezdistilling.com I am looking for good video ideas for the website. Good informational and helpful. Or maybe you want to know how something works, or need some thing made...... what ever.
  11. Just building away in Iowa

    Here is the upper part of 1 of 2 - 550gallon pot stills I'm building (yes I'm making 2 of them). Also, the lower part of one of the pot still bottoms being seam welded on the fork lift. The top and bottom is 3/16" thick Stainless steel spun here in the GOOD OLD U.S.A!!! Here the two columns. One with 4" port on one side & 2" side ports. The second column has 6" ports 180degrees apart, so you can see right through it & 2" side ports for LED lights.
  12. Just building away in Iowa

    Hello, I am just touching base and letting everybody know we are quickly working through our projects. Here is a 18" dia copper column with massive 18" SS flanges, 4 x 4" sight glasses and 4 x 2" LED ports. MADE IN IOWA, USA Enjoy. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
  13. Liquor Quik Essences

    Flavormatic in NJ is my place of choice. Mother Murphys is great to, but there flavors are not as concentrated, so if you use 2 gallons of product from them you will use about half that of Flavormatic's. The prices are about the same, so will save money with Flavormatic. Flavormatic will sell you 1 gallon if you need it ($50 fee), but Mother Muphys has a 4 gallon per flavor min. So if your flavor is $150 per gallon, it would be $200 for 1 gallon from flavormatic & $600 from Mother Murphys. Flavormatic will send you free flavor samples. Remember when dealing with flavors from anyone these flavors are concentrated!!!!!! I have one flavor I use that is so powerful that I use about 2 shot glasses per 330 gallons. Get your self some good scales for doing flavor mixing and testing. Our small scale goes down to .001 grams
  14. EZDISTILLING.com need ideas

  15. Super cheap bottles

    both are 12 per case.
  16. Super cheap bottles

    I have some bottles for sale, very cheap. I have standard 750ml round with TE threads, asking .30 cents. I can sell caps for .05c, many colors .. I have several pallets I have 1 liter round bottles also, with 28-400 thread. asking .30c . I have loads of caps. I will give the caps for free. Please call or text or e-mail me. 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  17. Liquor Quik Essences

    don't waste your time. go to a real flavor house.
  18. Can Anyone Interpret This Spirit Analysis?

    You can not import 100% tequila in to the USA unless it is bottled. The only way you can get tequila in the USA is with the 50/50 blend in bulk. Jose Cuervo is also a mixto, or a 50/50 blend. Even if you bought 100 percent agave nectar and distilled it it would never be tequila because it didn't come from Mexico, it would be a agave spirit. Just like you can't make "Scotch", you make single malt. Also, who cares what the test say. What does it taste like?? I get read outs like that all the time, it is Quality assurance. What are you trying to make..... think about it..... your tring to make $$$$$.......
  19. LP Boiler

    Don't go cheap. It will cost you. I have never heard of a boiler that does not run some sort of additive. take care.
  20. New tax reform

    I know. Thank you. Im just saying there should be a test before you get a DSP. Some people just blow my mind. I am still glad to help when I can.
  21. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    So put a copper tube in the top of your plastic IBC tote and ground and bond it. Seems easy. :0)
  22. What is everyone using for proofing?

    Only the approved TTB hydrometers I may have a snap 50 but remember thats not TTB approved. The snap 50 is so far better than than the hydrometers. I bet Anton Paar does not get it approved because no one would buy there $35,000 desk top model. The snap 50 Is the best Darn thing I ever bought. It is a massive time saver. The snap 40 is nice but the extra decimal is so super nice.
  23. New tax reform

    What? Your paying by the 15th for the last quarter.
  24. Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    Asking $100 Need to move them.
  25. New tax reform

    The Thing that makes me the most mad is..... by the time the TTB and everyone figures all of this out, it will be 6-8 months down the road, and 25%-35% of our 2 years will be gone. I say ... 1. get a lawyer. 2. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I am not saying break the law, I am saying to do what you think is right and document the heck out of everything.