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  2. Odin on Gin

    Congrats to Strange Donkey Gin from Belgium for winning a gold medal at the IWSC! Wow, you guys now have the complete selection, right? Bronze, silver, and now gold. Congrats again and thanks for choosing iStill as your OEM and the iStill University as your education! http://www.strangedonkeygin.com/welcome#did-you-know Regards, Odin.
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  4. Company News by ForexMart

    VAT Returns of Small Firms Incorporates to UK GDP Calculation The Office for National Statistics evaluates the British economy by overhauling its way which includes huge VAT amounts from smaller companies for the first time. In the previous survey, the gross domestic product of the country was mainly based on the turnover of 45,000 largest firms. Since December, the data from the third of Britain’s 1.8m VAT returns will also be included in the turnover for the calculation of official GDP results. With this, assessing UK economic growth will have dramatic changes for this could provide further insights from particular areas and industries. A higher proportion of VAT returns involves small businesses with a total of 98pc of UK companies. In the past estimates of GDP, pubs and restaurants sectors, particularly "food and beverage service activities" have high levels according to the 172 monthly poll and 28,000 tax returns. According to the ONS, a much more detailed data will provide a comprehensive output of pubs, restaurants and takeaways and restaurants among various regions. The first new estimate encompasses VAT returns coming from small and medium businesses including 100 or fewer headcounts. While survey for large companies will remain to be part of the data gathering and ONS’s report. As there is only 20 percent of smaller firms in the UK economy, which means that the data accumulated by the national statistical institute will be more accurate but the overall GDP result could possibly be not altered despite its inclusion because major firms have a greater impact. Based on the perspective of PwC’s Economist John Hawksworth, it would be better if the Statistics authority will release GDP forecast “ with and without (the) use of the new VAT data" respectively, in order for the public to understand the difference. On the other hand, ONS chief economist Nick Vaughan announced that including additional information will be a gradual process.
  5. Hello All My name is Rakesh Pathak from Shayona Corporation India.My company is into custom production of Quality Recycled Glass Bottles/Glasswares/Glass Ash Trays/Glass Decanters/Shot Glass/Wine Glass/Whisky glass thru automatic and hand blown process.We have started our production facility before 2 years back and are expanding our network.We would like to seek opportunities from the buyers of these items.For more information kindly get in touch with us as we are already exporting our glass to US and Mexico
  6. local sewer district concerns on water use, BOD, TSS

    I realize every local is different, but... Ours was the State Dept of Environmental Quality's worry about our discharge into our captive septic system.. As you have said, we planned a zero waste foot print and we had a disbeliever in the Health Department. He wanted to keep comparing us to a brewery and the breweries in our local had a bad reputation. We wrote a detailed explanation of our process: recycled cooling water, recycled stillage to next wash/mash, that not recycled is fed wet to cattle, we stated the use of fores/heads used in sterilizing equipment, tails re-run,...write it down like your going to do it! Plan your distilling days with time and labor, so that hot cooling water starts a mash and hotter stillage goes in last. You should already know what your quantities are based on your equipment. Make the quantities jive. 600L still. 100L of product, 200L used in next wash/mash, 300 out to feed, 200 gallons of cooling water recycled either into next mash or into a storage tank, NO CHLORINE, we use PBW, Starsan and alcohol (heads), our waste consists of floor mopping, toilet and minimal equipment washing (10 gallons). MUCH less sewage than any restaurant! Water (especially hot water) and grain down the drain is as much an economic issue for a distillery as an environmental issue and I'm a cheap SOB. SAVE the BTU's!!! Feed the stillage! Write and answer questions about your process. After reading, DEQ told the Health Dept they weren't even interested in auditing us! And it has worked out fine. Notice I said feed wet grain to the livestock. I looked at every possible means of drying it and they were all expensive. I read every reference I could find. Even a wash can be fed wet to most critters. They will drink it, just harder to move offsite wet than dry. Pump or dump it into a tank/trough and they line up for a healthy drink.
  7. We are looking at a 3000 sq ft site. the local sewer district director has "concerns the operation may exceed ... discharge limits with the Water & Wastewater District . Please provide us with a report on the planned Total Flows, BOD’s and TSS’s for your operation. " (that's biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids...) We are planning on near-zero waste (recycled spent grains, recirculated/re-used cooling water, no solids down the drain, heads/tails picked up as needed by qualified recycling group). Have any of you heard of this? Recommendations on replies? Estimates? Thanks in advance for thoughts and advice.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hello all and thanks for having me. I'm in and out of the forums as a spectator. I've worked for 2 facilities as head distiller, and very grateful to be where I'm at. I'm working with a close friend on opening our own production facility, though funding seems to be the most challenging aspect. Looking forward to talking distilling and all the greatness it brings us. I like pot stills, and drinking. Hopefully I'll fit in. Thanks again.
  10. New DSP in Ohio

    Congrats John! My wife is from Marion OH so next time we are visiting family in the area we'll have to try to stop by!
  11. Bruni Glass bottle, same spec of bottle as Schubert and Niagara, except an inch taller
  12. I have 3 pallets of the 375ml BORD S 25 375 ALLEGE F15 bottle I am trying to get rid of. Reduced price to $0.72/bottle down from our cost of $0.91/bottle. Picture and technical drawing attached. Email andrew@tetondistillery.com for details. 10175P2.pdf
  13. New DSP in Ohio

    Congratulations John!
  14. 300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation

    For some reason I was thinking about 300 gallons stills, not 300 gallon mash-tuns. Looks like I need to work on my reading skills!
  15. Best selling swag items

    We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps, beanies, shot glasses, flasks, and a couple other items for sale in our tasting room. We're looking for other ideas. What other items have you all had success with selling out of your distillery?
  16. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    To eliminate the liquid U-seal formed by the tapered section below the condenser and the parrot itself you can either lower the parrot or raise the entire condenser. Once you have the levels changed so that the section of pipe coming out of the condenser stand no longer stays flooded with liquid you can install a vent as suggested by Dehner. It probably sounds like a lot of hassle to do, but if you don't this setup will always be awkward to operate.
  17. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Hi JP, Your equipment just went into one of our shops for testing and final processing. We should be done with it and have pictures over to you within the next couple of days. Thank you Paul
  18. A group seeking to build a distillery in Birmingham, AL discovered that they are in the city fire district that specifically adopted Appendix D of the IBC prohibiting facilities from handling flammable liquids above 120 gallons. We are wondering if anyone else ran into a similar situation and how they were able to work around it. The building and fire officials are seeking to work with them, so we need some supporting examples from a similar situation. All assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  19. 300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation

    Hi Naven, Here is a link to our 300 gallon Pro Series Mash Tuns https://distillery-equipment.com/300gallonmashtun.htm We are at $13,492.00 on this one. We have them in stock with a really heavy duty 5hp geared agitators on them. We can supply you with a 300 gallon direct steam injected Mash Tun for less than $10,000 with the same agitator. These mash tuns are really heavy duty with thicker stainless and larger agitators than most of our competitors. We have equipment in around 19% of the distilleries in the US and that percentage is growing. Give me a call at 417-778-6100 and I will set you up with everything that you need. http://distillery-equipment.com http://triclamp.co http://moonshine-still.co
  20. 300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation

    Hi Navenjohnson, We can get you one in that range. Give me a shout when you have some time. Chris chris@stilldragon.com 806-206-5861 www.stilldragon.com
  21. 300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation

    I think you will find there are limited options for a 300 gallon still under $15,000 unless you find a deal on a used system. A $30,000 budget would allow you to consider 300 gallon systems from a number of manufacturers.
  22. Black deposit on inside of copper still

    @ViolentBlue Did find that some of the black stuff on the towel we were trying to scrub it with, turned bluish green. So I suspect it might be copper salts as you suggested. Will try the PBW followed by acid and again PBW as you suggested. Thanks so much for your help.
  23. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    @meerkat, @Silk City Distillers, the condenser is above the flange so it is 5" above the parrot liquid level (per the attached picture) for drainage. What you see below the flange is the stand, with a drain from the condenser tapering to the 1" tri-clamp tube at the bottom. The simplest solution would be to put a tri-clamp tee to vent up from the bottom tube as @Dehner Distillery had suggested. Ideally the vent to start above the parrot liquid level (in the 5" space between the bottom of the condenser), but trickier to fabricate now that everything is in place. Just drilling a hole in the 1/8" thick stainless steel wall of the stand to the drain without a drill press would be a nightmare. @Southernhighlander will send you an email. We are in San Francisco bay area.
  24. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    you will have to follow instructions on the container, I believe they have a chart for rough PH correction.
  25. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    The top of the liquid level where the hydrometer sits in the parrot needs to be at least 4" below the liquid level at the very bottom of your condenser. You need a vent tube coming off of the line that feeds the parrot, that is at least 8" above the top of the liquid level in the parrot if vented to atmosphere inside the distillery ( If you do it this way you need an ethanol detector right above the vent output with an alarm or automatic shutdown). The best thing to do is vent to the outside of your distillery to a safe area. Before you do all of that, you need to make sure that your condenser is knocking down 100% of the vapor. Who set your parrot up the way that it is now? Also who built your still? Let me know where you are located. I may have someone up your way soon, as my employees travel all over.
  26. Vendome

    Both ASD and headframe build continuous style stills, but I have never seen one in person or tasted the product produced. https://www.artisanstilldesign.com/products.html http://www.headframestills.com/stills/ Also I think forsythe or one of the European companies build continuous stills.
  27. Black deposit on inside of copper still

    the black build up would most likely be copper salts, nothing to be afraid of. not likely they are remnants of the manufacturing process, but if you are really concerned do a full cleaning regiment, start with a hot caustic (PBW) wash to remove any residual oils, rinse with clean water then a cold acid to break down the copper salts. if you have a CIP recirculate it, if not, glove up and get scrubbing by hand. if you heat the acid it becomes more effective, but even a mild a acid solution can do a lot of damage to the skin when hot, so be very careful.
  28. What ever happened to iStill?

    An update on some innovations we are working on. Wifi connection for the iStills (instead of the current ethernet cable connection), a new robot (with software that anticipates proactively) and a new website that will be up and running in 2 weeks from now. https://istillblog.wordpress.com/20…/…/20/innovation-update/ Regards, Odin.
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