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  1. I pick up used whiskey barrels (53gal) and used wine barrels (59-70gal) for $100 to $125 here in Virginia.
  2. I'm considering using something like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073ZNHVZN/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza for chill filtration of about 150 gallons of product at any one time...I have a 3 ton chiller with a 1hp pump for cooling and a pneumatic diaphragm pump to circulate spirits. I'm concerned about the flow rate of the pumps damaging the heat exchanger, especially the diaphragm pump with its inconsistent, pulsing action. My understanding is these things are best suited for low-pressure, low flow situations. A little background...last year I was able to use one of my jacketed fermenters as a chill tank. We've stepped up production and that's no longer an option. Over the winter Mother Nature was kind to me with cold nights to chill the product but Spring is here and I'm on a budget.
  3. Put a shop towel in a funnel. Put the mash in the towel, wrap it up and squeeze. I'm sure there's another method but this is free.
  4. Take the Triclamp Cap off of the top of your parrot.
  5. Have you found a way to combat this problem? When I run my 4 plate for whiskey, the plates function fine but there is obviously an efficiency issue with vapor filling the 16 plate column. When I run all 20 plates there is a constant fight in the 16 plate column. Flooding on the lower 3 plates and #7 force me to manipulate the drain back/bypass valves and the problem persists until late in the run when. I've found that bypassing #7 and #8 help the issue but it does not solve it.
  6. This is exactly what is happening. I believe a downspout is required to fix this.
  7. I have a consistent problem with vapor traveling from my boiler to my column via the return pipe. There is no P-trap on the return or downspout in the boiler. The vapor causes flooding in the lower plates and oddly enough plate 7 of my DYE 16 bubble plate column. Because of this I have to constantly drain certain plates and this throws the entire system off and effects my collect rate, temp and proof. I have, through a lot of babysitting, chainsmoking, hairpulling and valve manipulating, gotten the system to run smoothly without flooding any plates. However, I feel like a downspout in the boiler or a P-trap just outside the return line would immediately remedy these issues. Does anyone have a system that also lacks a downspout or vapor trap? How do you prevent vapor from creeping up the return?
  8. Southernhighlander, We are using a steam jacketed mashtun and are considering hooking up valves to cool with tap water. Our concern is the dramatic temperature drop from about 200F to 50F water. How would I introduce the water without doing damage to my jacket?
  9. Could you give some details about your labels and the adhesive?
  10. Stillhouse is pretty. That's it. It does not populate ttb reports and is overall a bigger pain in the ass than pen and paper. Whiskey Systems was created by people who have worked in a distillery before and it shows. WS's customer service is amazing. Overall I can't say enough good things about it. The TTB reporting is great, it populates the report for you each month. Inventory management is a useful tool, it automatically consumes labels, bottles ect. when bottling is done. There is an employee time clock feature, I have not used it as I'm the only employee.
  11. https://www.grainger.com/product/1DPK2?gclid=CJbPrbbC_NICFUW2wAodRkYC0A&cm_mmc=PPC:GOOGLEPLAA-_-Plumbing-_-Pipe Fittings and Couplings-_-1DPK2&AL!2966!3!166588805278!!!g!82128167637!&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!166588805278!!!g!82128167637!&ef_id=Vp7hdAAABTP3IDVt:20170329200919:s more like this. then put your threaded fitting on.
  12. Try a camlock to sanitary fitting adapter. I have gotten totes from a few different sources and they are always different threads.
  13. We have a 4 plate whiskey column and a 16 plate vodka column. I can achieve 95% no problem, what we want to know is "why is the still not producing 95% through the entirety of the hearts cut?" I learned on a pot still, I may just be set in my ways but, it is my understanding that to make consistent high test through a run even my system needs to start with some low wines to be efficient.
  14. I have a similar system, produced by DYE. As an operator I've been asked to make 94% abv spirit from our 8% corn mash in one run. I feel I would have a better chance finding a unicorn living in my crawl space. While I can achieve an incredibly clean 80% abv run, this is not live up to the aspirations of management. How is your Artisan Still setup performing? Is it a unicorn? Am I totally wrong thinking stripping runs are necessary even with this configuration?
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