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  1. No. Each TIB is specific to the supplier. You need to identify the supplier you are purchasing from. You do not need an order first.
  2. Price in the buck and offer it for the 60-90 days then make the buck yourself after the term.
  3. There was a thread about this applicator just before I bought it. We have had it a couple months and love it. As mentioned in the previous thread the only issues we have had is the web getting caught in the reel while labeling and being able to have a large roll on it. Other than those, it is awesome for the money.
  4. Interesting question. My question to you would be why? I work my suggested sell price backwards with 30 pts for the retailer and 30pts for the distributor. I then tell the distributor my sell price to them and my suggested retail. I let them decide how much they make and how much the retailer makes. This equation gives me my margin on every product the distributor sells. Personally, I don't want me distributor to know my COGS. I think it is a recipe for them to squeeze every possible penny out of you by giving you an explanation that retailers need more. Just my opinion.
  5. Is your MO license only the solicitor piece or did you also get the wholesaler license? Very important distinction in MO. If you aren't sure talk to the MO ATC agents. The St. Louis office is on Lindbergh if you are in the St. Louis area.
  6. We batch feed, but nothing close to your regime. We start at 10brix ferment down to 3 brix and add sugar and nutrient and get it back up to 10 brix. We do this twice.
  7. Tell everyone where you are located. I bet if you call places within 100 miles of you, you will find some. Great way to make relationships is to just call and introduce yourself.
  8. If you have any other distilleries around you I would suggest calling them before ordering to see if they are stuck with inventory. Many distilleries have excess on hand and are willing to let it go at their cost just to get rid of it. It works for both distilleries.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. We got it in and as stated above took a little bit to figure out, but really easy to use and works like a champ. I have already experienced the used web getting caught up. I have looked at their page again and could not find the label rewinder. Do they sell it, or did you make it?
  10. I had trouble for about 10 minutes around lunch, but it could have been my internet also. Logged in after lunch and was fine.
  11. Do you know if the brown sugar has sulfur in it? If it does, it will kill the ferment.
  12. Thanks! This is the one from the previous thread I mentioned earlier.
  13. Correct. I have a pneumatic pump that I installed a pressure control knob.
  14. Here you go. Like I said, I went for usability and cost over looks.
  15. I will post pics tomorrow when I get in.
  16. I second Aaron. He is our agent too.
  17. We built our own based on a previous thread on the topic. looks like a turd, works like a champ and only cost a couple hundred bucks. The one copied from the previous thread look a whole lot better than ours!
  18. I currently use Hoochware. I looked at Distill x5, but chose Hoochware based on price more than anything else. As a start up, I was focused on being sure I did not spend when I could save. I was told by others to print out my reports before submitting and read them over. Regardless of the system you choose, you need to learn the reports manually just so you understand the business better. My only issue with Hoochware is it is a smaller operation. When I have an issue, they always get on it, but sometimes it takes a couple hours. If it is late in the day, it has always been the next morning th
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!
  20. Does anyone use a Primera Labeler and have thoughts on quality? Looks like a decent piece of equipment for the money, but I was curious for feedback if there are any in use on the forum. Thanks! Here is their video
  21. It is state by state. In MO it is legal and licensed to due so. What state are you located? Sorry, read Georgia right after I submitted. What is Georgia law?
  22. Illegal for us as well. State would view that as enticement for us.
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