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  1. We are looking for a couple thousand Wood 33/34x14, 22.5mm synthetic shank closures in something similar to a red mahogany or walnut color. It appears that Tapi is completely out and we are in need of at least 2000 to get us by. If anyone happens to have extras you would be willing to part with, it would be of great benefit to us and I am sure we could work out a deal that would benefit both parties. If you also happen to know of any resellers or other manufacturers with a similar closure we would be happy to look into that as well. Thanks for all of the help, Hayes Kelman Boot Hill Distillery hayes@boothilldistillery.com
  2. Thank you for posting this, we also had major issues with Corson that seem to mirror yours. We purchased 1- 500 gallon mashtun, 4- 500 gallon fermenters and 1- 500 gallon 10 plate still. We were one of their first customers and took the leap after looking at many other manufacturers. They promised quick build times and good prices, they were quick to respond to every phone call and email until they received the down payment, then it was very difficult to get any information. We ended up having to get our lawyer involved in order to show we were very serious about the situation and finally received equipment in partial loads starting months after the original delivery date and the last one coming a year after. We also have a fermenter with a leaking jacket that they refused to fix, the leak was blamed on us even though we had not used the fermenter yet. When they finally returned to repair and replace the faulty equipment, they were very rushed to make their flight back home and ended up having to leave before completing the repairs which were agreed upon in a new agreement our lawyers worked up. When I made the point that the fermenter had not been fixed, none of the equipment had been pressure tested and many parts were missing, Tory started to verbally attack my employees and I. I have never been treated with such disrespect or called the names he was coming up with. An employee noticing the situation ended up calling the police for fear that Tory would turn violent. We have since stopped attempting to repair the multiple design issues with our columns and use the still exclusively as a pot still. Our jacket still leaks on the fermenter, do you happen to have a contact to have this repaired? This is just a quick highlight of our dealings with Corson, we did not have a positive experience in dealing with them, to say the least. I appreciate your honesty in starting this thread, I had typed a review multiple times but decided against posting each time. They did leave our still on their website for some time so luckily I was able to receive a few phone calls asking our opinion. Hayes Kelman Dodge City Kansas
  3. I am interested. Send pictures and info to hkelman@boothilldistillery.com
  4. Had a lot of interest in this earlier but no sale. I may have missed some of your emails. I am asking $35,000. Located in the Kansas City area. There is a possibility that I could deliver or meet half way. Would love to get this out of the way and clear up some space. Email: hayeskelman@gmail.com
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