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  1. we are looking for a combination mash ton stripping still 1000 Gal.with heating jackets ( steam ) and cooling jackets. im ucrrently running a 500 gallon copper steam fired rig.problem is we mash, ferment, and distill in that rig.Problem is cooling it down to pitch yeast. i have been dumping in 5 barrels of ice to rapidly cool it down. the problem i was having was we used to let it sit over night then use ice and water to get it to pitch temp. except we also have a brewery in the same building ( we are separated by a half wall ) they make sours over there and use lacto bacsillus to sour the beer. now i have l that and who knows what other strains of yeast and foe running rampant in my building. if i let it stand to long lacto gets a hold before the yeast and i have lost a few ferments top lacto.


  2. I make a hemp infused Vodka. Joseph Dehner joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  3. just buy bulk GNS, don't make it your self..... Age old statement....... Why buy it for $100 when you can do it your self for $1000.
  4. Please advise of what type of whiskey you are looking for. Also, yes we sell the empty barrels after they are dumped. $100 each, 8 (full pallet) for $90 each. We have top bungs and also side bung barrels.
  5. I can source bourbon for you, 53 gallon barrels from MGP and others. Super great products.
  6. Hello, Please e-mail me and let me know what you are looking for. joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  7. Hello, folks!! I just wanted to let everyone know that we are going to start selling bulk spirits of several different types. GNS, Vodka, Gin, Silver rum, Spiced rum, aged rum (from different bases) , blended whiskey, bourbon and rye whiskeys, rum cream (coming soon), and of COARSE..... FLAVORED ANYTHING.... Do you like something on the shelf? let us recreate it for you. Also we are selling bottled spirit that can be transferred in bond. We do in house formulation, so we can create your dream in a bottle. For example - we have 5x distilled Vodka and Gin ultra purified and 100% corn (gluten free) in bottles.The Price is for each bottle, the price is TIB. Glass 750-$1.36, Glass 1 liter- $1.55, PET Grip 1.75L- $2.20 Please let me know your thoughts. Joseph@dehnerdistillery.com 515-559-4879
  8. yes I do. I will also, be updating my web site to show all of the bulk spirits we have on hand, barreled, and can make.
  9. One could buy these and then take a tax credit. Make sure you have the paper work just in case.
  10. Hello, you could use a MAG flow meter, or a radar flow meter. Both would be around $2000. Radar, you would mount on the outside of the pipe, Mag flow meter would be inline.
  11. Hello, I have a lot of fresh dumped bourbon and rye barrels for sale. Asking $100 each or $90 each for a full pallet (8 barrels or more). Some have top bung and some are on the side. Call or text anytime 515-559-4879 Fob - Clive, Iowa 50325 Thank you: Joseph D.
  12. I could sell you bulk rum. We have lots of barrel aged rum on hand.
  13. We had a problem with a spirit we made one time doing the same thing. Turns out it was one of the flavorings we used was eating the filters used to filter the final product. Changed the filter from melt blown to cotton wound , poof.... problem solved.
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