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  1. TTB Certified hydrometer

  2. 2 year bourbon and rye for sale

    Looking to move these. Great bourbon and Rye!!
  3. Super cheap bottles

    These are sold, But we are getting in several truck loads of 1liters, 750ml, and 1.75l bottles we can sell.
  4. Subbing out production

    We would like to give you a bid for complete contract bottling and labeling services.
  5. 2 year bourbon and rye for sale

    the rye is 95% rye 5% malted barley bourbon is 60%corn, 36% rye, 4% malted barley
  6. Still agitator

    I'm good. Thanks for the offer.
  7. Still agitator

    Well you got it right, If you can't beat them, Join them..... Now you can sell a great mixer. A step in the right direction. You will see no call backs now. You will loads of free time.
  8. 2 year bourbon and rye for sale

    I have bourbon and rye for sale. All is over 2 years old and comes in 53 gallon barrels. If I sell these I can always get more if I don't have any in stock. bourbon- 4 barrels, $2000 Rye- 8 barrels, $2100 515-559-4879 Joseph
  9. Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    more barrels to sell 515-559-4879
  10. Steven Cage

    looks very nice.
  11. Still agitator

    Brawn mixers are hands down the best on the market. It is the only thing they do, MIXERS. Don't be fooled by people that sell other things and mixers. It would be like buying a computer at walmart while shopping for apples. Brawn mixers are just a battle axe of a mixer. I have 4 of them and they run flawlessly. There is my 2 cents.
  12. Cane sugar

    My thought is that if it has a slight color to it, it will not by the time it is added to the final product. Your not selling sugar water.
  13. Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    I have more barrels for sale. 53 gallon......Fresh dumped bourbon. 515-559-4879
  14. T top corks

    CCR Makes really great corkers! A+++
  15. Square Bottle Labeler

    I have a Primera 550. It works great.