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  1. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    Are you looking for some bourbon or rye? I looking to move my extra since it is 2 years old rye and 22 month bourbon. Looking to sell at a great deal. If your buying Product from another distillery it really does not matter where it comes from, correct? This is some very good product! Samples upon request. Please call or send an e-mail. 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com thanks for all the great questions...
  2. How do you measure the spirits quantity ?

    If you know the weight and the proof you are set. If you go by volume well if its 72f the spirit may show x amount of volume, if it is 92 it will show y amount of volume...... but the weight will always be the same. Weight , weight, weight, weight!!!! always weight. We have many scales and an Anton Parr
  3. At what point is a pot still too big?

    If you build the continuous still correctly you will never need to put in a doubler. They are such a waste. I ran a vendor continuous and we keep having to drain it off because the doubler keep filling up. Besides if your worried about the HEADS well why would you want a doubler??? if you condense the heads and the hearts and it goes in the doubler what is the first thing to come off???? THE HEADS....... if you set your continuous correctly then you can have your tails go down the drain.... We can seperate the heads and the hearts so a doubler is not needed.
  4. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    I still have barrels let for sale. thank you. 515-559-4879
  5. private labeling, contract bottling

    I am sorry, you can not TIB bottled spirits. I can drop ship for you tho.
  6. Super cheap bottles

    This is some bottles that I do not need. I am switching over to a different one.
  7. What copper should I use for a 300 gal still?

    We get ours from Farmerscopper.com They have anything you could want. If you have never tig welded copper before you are in for a real treat. You have to use deoxidized copper tig rod. Welding stainless to copper is easy if you know what your doing, but the stainless will melt before the copper because the coper sucks up so much heat. Seem welding is easy, but you can't let up. I weld 4' seems all the time, the trick is to make sure you have a board or something to lean up against because the metal will get so hot it will be 500-700f 2 -3 feet away. When you grab another bit with your tig rod keep the heat going on the torch or it will cool off instantly. We use 1/8" or thicker. 122 alloy I have some pics of the columns we are working with on our instagram page, follow us at dehnerdistillery Anyone with any question please call anytime 515-559-4879 Thanks: Joseph D. Below is a 18" dia column 4' long, 1/8" thick. with 8- 6" sight glasses 180 degrees apart. with color changing LED lights This will be hooked to a 550g still, We are building 2 units like this. Also, we are building a 29' tall continuous still.
  8. Electric Stripping Still?

    I build Stills also, I would lean towards steam or get a smaller continuous still. You can buy a 360,000 btu steam boiler by SLANT FIN for about $4500. You can find them on ebay. They work really well and steam will save you so much money and time in the long run. Don't cheap out on the HEART of your distillery. thats my 2 cents Take Care.
  9. Wheat Grain Seperation

    We are working on it. a separator that is.
  10. Cane sugar

    Make it your self. Why buy a bunch of water. Go to sam's club or costco, buy cane sugar, and mix it your self. We do tens of thousands of pounds all the time with never a problem.
  11. Blending Our Vodka and NGS Labeling

    Please give me a call And I will tell you how to do it. 515-559-4879 thanks: Joseph Dehner
  12. Super cheap bottles

    the 750ml is on the left, the 1 liter is on the right.
  13. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    I think you used up all the dissolved oxygen in the water and snuffed out all of the fish.
  14. 50ml bottling

    Just letting everyone know that we do 50ml bottling, along with all the sizes. Prices range based on how complex the job is. We do both TE caps and ROPP caps. .10c - .25c per bottling plus materials, and FET. Please call 515-559-4879 Or Joseph@dehnerdistillery.com Please check out "services" on our website www.dehnerdistillery.com