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  1. Dehner Distillery

    Weeping Barrels

    you don't run it 24 /7 give them a 2-3 day time for 24 hr then take off the tarp. Then do it next month. But I have never had one go moldy. Just keep the factory bung in it.
  2. Dehner Distillery

    Weeping Barrels

    Here my 2 cents. Hit it with a mallet, soft bumps. Works for us. Also, here is the 10 million dollar answer. ..........before you fill or if you store empty barrels for a long time cover them with a tarp and put a humidifier under the tarp. This will keep all of your barrels swollen. You can use this trick with wooden fermenters also.
  3. Dehner Distillery

    Grounded Fermenters?

    I could see it only if it only because you could maybe have a mixer on there, so no one gets shocked, or maybe something goes crazy somewhere else and the cooling waterer just water gets electrified it would again stop someone from getting shocked. Depends on how your cooling water or water is set up you could create "transient current" unknowingly. Grounding and bonding is just to easy to do.
  4. Dehner Distillery

    HAZ EX/OP Area - Mobile/ Cell Phones

    I feel safe with my cell phone around 190. But with that said I went to a place that processed 190 GNS and other very very flammable products, and I had to leave my phone up front in the office. Not because of pics, but because of risk of fire. This company never had a fire and it seemed they were not about to take a chance. Around a still I feel 1000 % fine.
  5. Dehner Distillery

    Bonding Wires

    I just welded a bolt to some vise grips, then used a 14ga strained wire with an ring terminals on the ends. I put it on the bolt and used a nut to tighten it up. I can very easily clamp anything I would like. It does not take a thick wire to discharge the static off of something.
  6. Dehner Distillery

    Rubbery Ring of Corn on bottom of my mash tun

    it is going the wrong way. just swap 2 of the 3 wires going to the 3 ph motor. that will change the direction.
  7. Dehner Distillery

    Bourbon & Rye Barrels fresh dumped

    We still have Fresh Dumped 53g bourbon and rye barrels. We are always dumping barrels 53g barrels. The best thing for questions is to call or text me for shipping questions. We can put 8 barrels max per pallet. 515-559-4879 Thanks: Joseph
  8. Dehner Distillery

    Differences between Distilamax RM & SR

    I have used SR for very clean rums and high proof spirits. Works great for a very clean spirit. RM temp has to be watched, mine one time came to a stand still when the temp dropped to 72f I raised the temp to 85f and it took off like a rocket. Because it is from the Carribean it operates at a higher temp I find.
  9. Hello all. I have a new comer to distilling side. My right hand "Amy" has been mixing and blending for a long while now. Now she is doing that role plus DISTILLING (grinding grain, mashing, fermenting, and distilling). I was telling her about the "women in distilling" article that was just out I think this past year and how she is one of only a few ladies out there. I can not for the life of me find the magazine. I think it was in "distilling" or the craft spirit one. I was wondering if anyone still had that MAG. and could ship it to me. I will pay for any freight and your troubles. Please let me know Joseph Dehner 515-559-4879 Thank you so very much!!
  10. Dehner Distillery

    Minimum cost of distillery (if buying distillery from somebody)?

    Start your own Distillery. Buy what you want. Not some ones problems. Because when you buy some one else problems then they become your problems.
  11. Dehner Distillery

    American Based Bottle Manufacturer?

  12. Dehner Distillery

    50ml miniature bottles

    Peter K knows his stuff about bottles. I have bought many of bottles from Peter. Great to work with.
  13. Dehner Distillery

    Bottle Suppliers

    That bottle is only about $1 fob from Chicago, or NJ Super cheap to get. they are sitting right here in the USA.
  14. Dehner Distillery

    Glass Liter Bottles with Tamper Proof Top

    Are you just looking for a cheap bottle? We have Stock of 750, 1 liter, and 1.75l most of the time. TE top, We have caps also. 515-559-4879