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  1. Why Chi Town, We Are in Iowa and would be glad to help. 5hrs from there.
  2. We have freshly dumped bourbon and rye barrels, 53 gallons. $100 each or 8 or more barrels is $90 each. 8 will fit on a pallet fyi. freight is from 50111
  3. some that I use is 150ml to covert over 6000-8000# of 100%corn.. So not much at all.
  4. I have several PALL filters. They were modified when I first got them. It would be easier to show you a pic, nothing fancy. GW Kent, and ST Pats sells there same style for way cheaper. It is the socket that makes it all work. give me a call some time and Ill go over it with you.
  5. Blustar your mail box is full. Glo-Pak or Global Packaging
  6. I have 2 - 550's I really really like them.
  7. use .22u filters for vodka only. if you can use a step down system = 5u then 1u then .22u for vodka, whiskey is different. we get some of our filter from St. Pats. We filter about 160,000 gallons of vodka, and about 50,000 gallons of whiskeys last year so........... I know what I am doing... just sayin. carbon is the easy part..
  8. I am sure they have a great show there. But seems crazy to pay that much. How much can one person absorb in that short of time, 6 days is long but it has taken years to get where I'm at today. Plus not every one is going to have the same distillery, or set up. For that price it should be tailor made just for you. Just sayin. You could pay me $6250 and follow me around for 2 weeks. 😁
  9. Whisky systems calc. is right on. We test 3 different ways and it is perfect. Plus I check it against another program that is way more advanced and the results are the same.
  10. Also, I have a line of stills that we are starting to take orders for that is just the specs that you are looking for. We have a level 1 - base model, a level 2 - advanced model, and a level 3 - that will take cuts. It is complete plug and play. 515-559-4879
  11. FYI- B-RAD 22 , your mail box is full.
  12. I would be more than glad to chat with you or anyone about our continuous stills. We can design and build them right here in the USA. The size of the unit or GPM is based on the space you have available, and the size of your boiler. We can even do a complete install and training program. Help is always a phone call away. www.redbootstills.com 515-559-4879
  13. I got one of my fillers from "Vinters Vault" It is so so so so so much easier to use than that. We have filed over 1.5 million bottles on it and have replaced anything. Electric float with our own pump. I think it was $2700, 6 spout.
  14. We use pumps like this. The key is to have the correct seals and diaphragm.
  15. I do. Sorta. I mod-ed some of there equipment. Works great. All different filter sizes.
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