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  1. I could sell you bulk rum. We have lots of barrel aged rum on hand.
  2. We had a problem with a spirit we made one time doing the same thing. Turns out it was one of the flavorings we used was eating the filters used to filter the final product. Changed the filter from melt blown to cotton wound , poof.... problem solved.
  3. DRY CHILLER!!!! put it on the out put of all your equipment and before your chiller. Super easy setup and cheap. Call KRACK Great company.
  4. I have done over 1 million bottles on our 6 spout filler from winters vault. It has an ele. Eye for a float and the out put ELE switch I have hooked to a 120v air valve that powers an air pump. I love it so so so much. It is so very versatile for darn near any bottle.
  5. that small you could do either one. Depends on how you are really doing everything else. Steam will cost more up front but will save you loads for time and headaches.
  6. Very simple. Remove the wires from each element and and Ohm them out. If it is burnt out it will be OL, if it is good it will show something. Check to make sure they are all about the same. Or you could amp clamp it.
  7. You might want to think about using a dry chiller for you cooling problem. Use it in a closed loop, then maybe a chiller in another loop if you need it. Very easy problem to solve.
  8. We use ro water and 2 x 1micron filters. You might want to check the TDS of your RO water and make sure you use really good filters.
  9. I build continuous stills. Feel free to reach out anytime. www.redbootstills.com 515-559-4879
  10. Why Chi Town, We Are in Iowa and would be glad to help. 5hrs from there.
  11. We have freshly dumped bourbon and rye barrels, 53 gallons. $100 each or 8 or more barrels is $90 each. 8 will fit on a pallet fyi. freight is from 50111
  12. some that I use is 150ml to covert over 6000-8000# of 100%corn.. So not much at all.
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