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  1. Dehner Distillery

    grain/liquid separation

    looks super cool. if set up right it will work just fine. Please let me know how it goes.
  2. Dehner Distillery

    Issues with a small equipment supplier

    Great point about just copying a controller.
  3. Dehner Distillery

    Issues with a small equipment supplier

    If your are looking for controllers, I can build you controllers. Just let me know.
  4. Dehner Distillery

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Just wondering, are we all WHIPPING out our welding pics or what? I want to WHIP mine out...... just saying
  5. Dehner Distillery

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    I Build Continuous stills also. www.redbootstills.com One of the things to think about when choosing the size of a unit is all the other parts. Like the size of the chiller, the size of the boiler, collection tank, collection piping, size of water lines, ect........ I just finished up a continuous still here in Iowa (just down the street). That is 30' tall, 18" column, insulated - OD=28', 6" sight port on every plate, massive confessor and pre-heater, simple digital controls, LED lights. This unit will input 8-17 gpm , that is its operating envelope. Everything is designed and run in a computer model before any stainless is cut. Anyways, the unit must be sized for what you are doing and what you have, and your budget. Just because someone can make a unit that can process 20 gpm does not mean you need it, or can you afford a boiler and chiller upgrade??? The other thing is you will have to have enough mash to justify even turning it on. Some of the bigger units I build for people will not even be used unless they have 2000-3000 gallons of mash. The smaller units only need a couple hundred gallons. Another foundation of all of this is customer support, and training. Also, on thing to beware of is controls and extras. I know for a fact one of the companys listed on here for whom I will not say, will sell you a continuous still, but the controls to run it are not included, you have to go somewhere outside of the company that made it to get the controls. I ran one of there units personally. Long story short, Continuous stills are amazing. You can expand your capacity by adding one to your equipment. But you must choose the right size. Make sure you can get the right customer support. You must get the right training. Get the right controls. And over all feel good with the selection you make.
  6. Dehner Distillery

    Simple, Cheap Temperature Probe and Readout

    automation direct.... great place to buy all of that. or a super simple read out please use DWYER inst .com They sell a read out for $45 automation- 3 wire RTD is like $60
  7. Dehner Distillery

    50ml miniature bottles

    We can bottle about any 50ml bottle. So if anyone is looking to get some filled. 515-559-4879
  8. Dehner Distillery

    Is anyone using a monoblock filler?

    we are building one for in house. depends how you have it set up for cleaning. 515-559-4879
  9. Dehner Distillery

    Dephleg, column temp probe

    probably a 3-wire RTD sensor. super easy to get and cheap.
  10. Dehner Distillery

    50ml Contract Packaging

    Hello, we do a massive amount of contract bottling. We specialize in 50ml bottles. Please give me a call anytime. 515-559-4879
  11. Dehner Distillery

    Turn Key distillery and Building for sale

    man that filler is awesome
  12. Dehner Distillery

    Electric Still for sale

    just asking,,,, is $22,000 a type-o??
  13. Dehner Distillery

    Lallemand Distillamax SR Yeast for Sale

    SR - is a great yeast! I highly suggest it. I use it all the time.
  14. Dehner Distillery

    2 yr bourbon (not mgp)

    why not MGP?? They have really great product. Are you still looking? How much per barrel are you looking to spend? I might be able to help. 515-559-4879
  15. Dehner Distillery

    Continuous Stills out of IOWA

    We just finished up the continuous still install here in Iowa. A little over 30' tall , and 28" DIA, 21 trays. I was running it at 15 GPM input, I could have went faster, about 17-20 gpm easy. We are the kings of continuous stills, and for the price we charge you get a lot more equipment, and customer service than the you ever could from the "other" guys. Drop me a line anytime. 515-559-4879 Joseph@dehnerdistillery.com