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Transfer Pump For Spirits?


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Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a pump to transfer:

1) some undiluted spirit at 80% ABV to a larger resting vessel where it will be diluted
2) 40% ABV neutral spirit into my still.

what are some safety issues I must be aware of and any brand/configuration recommendations? I assume plastic hand pumps are not safe? Thanks.

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Mandatory?  Depends.

It will protect your pump from pressures higher than its rated for.

It will also provide you a way to control pump speed.  Turn down the pressure, it’ll slow.

Some compressors may come with regulators, but the assumption is you are locating the compressor far far away from your pumping location, so you really wouldn’t be running back and forth to adjust the pump speed.  Easier to have an on/off valve and a regulator to control your pump right there.

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The G70 C operates at 100 PSI using 2.2CFM of air max.  I would get at least a 3 CFM compressor, which is a pretty small compressor.  If you are going to have other compressed air needs, you would go with a larger compressor.  As far as brands go, you get what you pay for in my opinion.

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