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On 1/11/2020 at 7:15 PM, Patio29Dadio said:

I think MGP and Ultrapure sell rum by the tote.

Ultrapure sells by 55, 275 and up.  MGP referred me to Florida Distillers.  Dehner - I'll message you shortly. 

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If anyone is looking for bulk rums... I would love to chat! We own the sugar mill and produce our organic certified rums (light column rums and heavier copper pot rums) onsite.

We distill some varieties from molasses and others from cane syrup (called 'miel de caña' here)

We have a 3000 barrelhouse too where we age

We ship worldwide and count E&A Scheet and Bardinet as bulk clients. 



David schroeder






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