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Recommended Heat Transfer oil


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I currently use a 500 liter propane-fired Bain Marie copper alembic for the production of our absinthe (Pacifique Absinthe). We are in the process of upgrading to a larger stainless steel electrically powered Bain Marie still. Currently we are using Clearco silicone oil (PSF-100cSt ) with no issues. My concern is gelling (the copper has a chemical way of preventing gelling). Any recommendations for other heat transfer oils? Steam heating is not an option. 

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I see that you said steam is not an option but what about self contained steam?

I really like it much more than the oil option. It is clean, very responsive and low maintenance.

Check out this thread about converting a direct fired (electric) bain marie to self contained steam


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The one thing to watch out for when converting an oil jacket to low pressure steam, is to make sure that the jacket is rated for pressure. Some oil jacketed stills have no pressure rating so if you were to pressurize them you could end up damaging the equipment or getting someone hurt.

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