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Making inexpensive house gin


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As the title suggests i am in the process of making a cost effective house gin for the bar and nightclub market. I have my recipe all figured out and I am happy with the taste, but I have run into a few problems with the maceration and distilling technique.

The first being the cloudiness issue. I know discarding the heads is a way to reduce the cloudiness, but i have found to get a truly clear gin I have to discard a lot. Is it possible to keep all of the heads and just filter the oil and cloudiness out? If so what size filter would accomplish this without any loss in taste?

Also, as I would like to save money and reduce waste, what temperature can I collect to without compromising the taste? So far I have been collecting to 90C but I feel I could go higher.

Thanks Guys

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You may be able to cold crash and filter the precipitate. Alternatively if you bump the ABV up some of that can remain in solution (a new COLA would be in order). Lastly, if it's for a well brand you could always buy a gin base from your friendly bulk ethanol vendor.

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If you cold chill, the effectiveness of the activated carbon is the length of contact time (spirit flow) through the carbon column.

I can supply you the carbon, but there are many lower cost smaller GPM set ups that members here use.

But the manufacturers of the carbon suggest cold chilling which "activates the carbon" enabling it to absorb oils in the spirit.

Good luck.

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Read this:


then read these threads:



In my opinion you don't want to discard or filter the oils. If you have concentrated the oils so much to the point that they cloud you should be able to "dilute" with clean vodka.

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Inexpensive house gin.

Buy loads of neutral spirit. Make a compound gin by soaking your botanicals in the spirit (and removing).

Market it cleverly (without obscuring its humble method of production).

Et voila!

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How much are their prices? Lets say the price is $500 per gallon , that is cheap. Think of the time saved, and how easy it is to use. Also you can make your gin as light or as strong tasting as you want. You will not mess your still up by cross contamination. At a rate of .65 g with 8lbs you could make about 5582- 750ml bottles. That would be about .09 cent per bottle. HELLO, DIRT CHEAP!!!!!!

We have not narrowed down what it will cost, but we will probably sell by the oz. or by the 500 / 1000 grams at a time.

FLAVORMAN = I talked to them a long time ago and they wanted $20,000 to develop a formula. Mine mine was blown. Heck no!!!

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