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bottling system


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You have left out one very important piece of information.

How much do you plan to bottle?

Minimum equipment required

     an accurate scale.  edit: and a thermometer

    density tables

    a funnel with filter paper

    a cup to transfer the spirit.

               Or if you have a couple of million dollars spare you could upgrade to fully automatic.

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A step up from the above is to replace the funnel and cup with a single head bottle filler.

I am very happy with an Elnomatic vacuum filler that fills to a set level.

Use the scales, thermometer and tables to work out your fill level.

If you don't know the exact ABV of spirit you are bottling then you will also need certified hydrometers.

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As he said, it's a good one at a great price. We use an EnolMaster 4 head filler here, but it is a multi-thousand dollar machine. I can do about 10 cases an hour by myself on that, including hourly fill and proof checks. Having a second person so as to not stop to rinse and case roughly doubles that. That comes out to about 24 gallons per man hour either way. Call it three hours to do a drum by yourself?

I would imagine (no experience with others) most vacuum fillers will have similar fill rates per head. You can always shop around for one with the right number of heads for you.

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Hi rrg1gb

I'm sorry rrg1gb but you are mistaken, this unit is for distilleries. The enolmatic can fill over 200 bottles per hour and it is used in distilleries, wineries and breweries all over the US.  It is much better than the gravity fed bottlers because it has a vacuum pump.  Also you can use their inline filters so the bottler will filter your ethanol and fill your bottles at the same time.  It is an outstanding machine for the price.  They also have the enolmaster with 4 spouts that Robert refereed to.  Those are also really great bottlers with a much higher capacity than the single spout.  Since you will be bottling GNS you will probably need something with more capacity.  Durfo is the manufacturer.  Here is a link to their web site: http://www.durfo.com/eng/beverage_eng.asp

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I think you guys may be confusing the Enolmatic with the Enolmaster. The Enolmaster is the heavy-duty version, if i just saw the Enolmatic online i probably would skim over the Enolmaster. That said, the Enolmaster with the attached filter housing has been working great for us.

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I saw one for $355.00 this morning when I did a google search.  When I searched again I couldn't find that one, but there is one on Amazon for $380.00 https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0064OIJUO/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1475023442&sr=8-1&keywords=enolmatic+bottle+filler&condition=new

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