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Hi All,

I'm just reaching out to see what the interest would be in bulk sales of New York produced NGS and Vodka. This would be made with 100% New York grain, and 100% New York Malt. This can be made to any specification you may have, And any recipe you may have. Being as it's 100% NY made, with 100% NY  grain, This would allow NY distilleries to keep their Farm Distillery exemption. 

Thank you in advance. 


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Ah yes. Dilute your own viability by selling your products at the lowest possible price to competitors in your own backyard, to force downward pressure on your retail price point. Drat. Must have missed that in Business 101. 

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Not sure I am with the sarcasm, but it makes one think a bit. 


Okay so profitability is linked to machine occupancy.  You can get your own unit cost down for yourselves whilst paying off the plant and trying to maximise selling price.  if you have a large still, presently bigger than what you need for yourselves, then this to me makes sense.


But what if you wish to make whiskey or whatever from a mix as above from say 8% wash to 60%, well then this then allows someone without still infrastructure to simply barrel it with you having done the basic work.  This has to be interesting and for sure will have a more premium price than simply doing GNS.



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