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  1. Adventures in Homebrewing (homebrewing.org) has 10gal used barrels for $150. Balcones...since you're in Texas should have some?
  2. Ryan Malkin. Malkinlawfirm.com
  3. Depending on the glue used. Try PBW from 5-star. Soak in 4+% solution, labels can come off in an hour or sometimes an overnight soak is necessary.
  4. Not sure of the quality but "affordable distilling" on eBay has an electric one (150g) for $14.5k.
  5. Humulus


    I've heard of a white particulate coming over in the spirit.
  6. Reach out to Christian at Yalley Malt in S. Hadley, MA.
  7. You could give Black Dirt Distilling a call for Bourbon. They might be able to help?
  8. Ballpark could be 900-1200lbs I believe.
  9. In a pinch..most homebrew Cappers work just fine. Also a good back up for the price.
  10. Have a picture of it? Have you looked into a sheet of gasket material? Have you tried brewerygaskets.com
  11. If your product has dropped bright(Carbon/DE....)a 20 x 20 say 30 plate filter should be able to do this within a half hour. 40 x 40 w/K300(5m) & 1hp pump within 15min...just my opinion. Simple google or set up an account on ProBrewer.com and search New or Used equipment...filters are listed frequently.
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