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  1. jessicajlemmon

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Putting together our wish list budget for 2019, and hoping to add to the brood. Looking for a 300 gallon (minimum) electric bain marie for stripping. Already have a column we can use on it.
  2. jessicajlemmon

    Looking for Swing Tops

    Looking to upgrade my swing top bottles. Currently use an odd sized 750 ml amber glass. Looks nice but only comes in small orders, so unit cost can add up. Eventually I want to expand the product line, so ideally I'd like to find a bottle that had both a flint or an amber option for the various products, but clear could work for everything. We currently use an eco base Tennessee for our other stuff, and Ive have looked at the flip top versions but my concern is how tall they get. I'd also prefer a straight sided for this product since I'd have to redesign the label profile to work on the Tennessee. I've seen the Salem and the Dalia, which aren't bad but sourcing is a little hard to find. I also don't want to get more than a pallet at a time between both cost and floor space. I wish I could find someone to do half pallets!
  3. jessicajlemmon


    So has anyone found a good replacement human contact at HUB? I've been trying to get a hold of someone for the past week and a half about some paperwork for an event that's due tomorrow...
  4. jessicajlemmon

    Big Fish?

    Checking in to see if anyone has had experience (good or bad) with Big Fish as a retailer for their spirits. They've been hitting us hot and heavy with solicitations and per their website I see a lot of familiar names listed. https://www.bfspirits.com Legit? Scam? Somewhere in between? Any info would be greatly appreciated. -J
  5. jessicajlemmon

    Doing Bitters In House

    I've scanned the threads about doing bitters. I get on the basic level that you have to release the spirits from bond. We would be making our own spirits for use, not buying NGS. I guess my first question is, if I do the right paperwork dance, can I do the bitters physically in the same location, or do I need to find another place? (Aka, rent out a commercial kitchen or something like that). We have our bonded production area, the tasting room/bar, and our dish wash room. Could I carve out a nook of non bonded space? On a more local level, our production side is managed by the Department of Agriculture, and the tasting room by the health department. Would the bitters area need a health department certification? Could you technically call them something more like an Amaro instead of bitters to keep it under the DSP? I can see the FDA herbal concentrations being an issue on that one. I know other distilleries are doing this, I just don't know how. And we're operating on our own modest pocket money and a small space, so creative problem solving is a must. (Worst case I'm thinking remote concession trailer?!) (I often get myself in more trouble by actually trying to do things the proper way....)
  6. jessicajlemmon

    TTB Approved Shimmer?

    Yep. Have to have a formula for the sparkles as they're only allowed in a certain concentration. Luster Dust has the FDA paperwork that's pretty easy to find, unlike some of the other brands.
  7. jessicajlemmon

    TTB Approved Shimmer?

    Got one approved an awaiting labeling myself. Luster dust.
  8. jessicajlemmon

    Spirits Competitions

    Well, I am my sales and marketing people. Not sure we're ready for the 'big shows' yet, but didn't want to waste money and resources on seemingly random events.
  9. jessicajlemmon

    Spirits Competitions

    Starting to get the itch to try and get some bling on a couple of our products. Aside from the ADI and ACSA spirits awards, is there a reliable list of competitions anywhere? Naturally, we've started getting solicitations for such events but I'm wary of anyone that comes to US.
  10. As luck would have it, my day job is overlapping with my night job at the end of February. Headed to Lexington for a conference and since we're not typically handy to bourbon country, I thought we'd make a supply run while we were at it, for those harder to acquire without massive freight charges, type of items. <ahem barrels, etc> Anyone have good recommendations on places that you can actually stop in to, and pick up either new or freshly used barrels? Only down side is I'd prefer smaller than 53's but I'm willing to be flexible on that. Open to other suggestions for equipment places as well. Thanks! Jessica
  11. jessicajlemmon

    ACSA Convention

    We also aren't far from Pittsburgh and would love to go but there is no room in my budget right now (being fairly new) to do a $600 pass... $150 I could rationalize. It's almost cheaper to fly to Portland and do ADI instead... seriously.
  12. jessicajlemmon

    Clear out Glass

    I'm interested in more information. Please PM me.
  13. jessicajlemmon

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Valid point on the averages, I hadn't really thought of it to that extreme. As it was, the 'average' estimate was 6 months when we submitted... and you can't 'bother' them until that time has lapsed. At that mark, I started pestering... it took another 2.5 months for them to even look at it. Then it was like 2 small tweaks and everything was fine. Fortunately, we were prepared for the full 6, so while 9 sucked, it didn't blow us out of the water.
  14. jessicajlemmon

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    This literally makes me stomach clench every time I see a reasonable turnaround, while ours took +/-270 days.... but, we're doing ok
  15. jessicajlemmon

    Small pot still wanted

    Looking for a gently used pot still. Anywhere from 5 to 15 gallons, ideally. (50 absolute max). The goal is to set up a special station for the botanical blends. Doing gin 1.5 bottles at a time is a pain in the b.u.t.t.