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Houston we have a new Distillery

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Dry Creek Distillery, Houston business based with the distillery in Anderson, TX, (1:20 hour from downtown Houston). The DSP was approved today on the 23rd of August. DCD will be using a Still Dragon an 8 plate, 8 inch still with a 55 gallon boiler. Hopefully on the shelves in the Houston area around November.

Dry Creek

Hand Crafted Spirits Made in Texas

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  • Welcome to the club,

May your spirits be great,

and the mash work true.

Have enough cash to last the nite

Figure the tax so you don't get srewed,

'cause this aint easy,

to be a distillery.

Cause the cash it takes,

make most men faint,

And don't figure it out,

'till its to late.

Distillers Bible,

Cash Flow, Book of Mash

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