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Fatal Error


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Admins, I keep getting this for various links on here. I'm using Opera and haven't tried any other browsers. Is this on my end or yours?

Fatal error: Incompatible file format: The encoded file has format major ID 3, whereas the Loader expects 5 in /home/adiforum/public_html/admin/applications/members/extensions/profileTabs/aboutme.conf.php on line 730



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I will also note we have seen similar kinds of messages when going to the ancillary pages, like the profile pages, on occasion. In addition, the profile pages, when the do load, have a bunch of gobblety gook at the header.

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This reminds me that I once spent my days doing Google searches for these type of issues instead of fermentation and yeast issues. Feels good that I can honestly say I am happier making whiskey than websites!

Looks likes its a PHP version issue:

Error "Incompatible file format" means that you might tried to execute PHP 5.2 encoded file on PHP 5.3 runtime.

Re-encode with PHP 5.3 project settings, or use zendenc53 if you encode using command line tools.

In this case, you have the following options.

1. Downgrade the PHP version in the server to the required lower version. This is not possible in a shared server or in cases like, when you are having sites that work only on latest PHP version, in the same server.

2. Re-encode the PHP files to work with the latest PHP version. For encoding options, Zend Guard has a GUI based on XML parser engine, and command line encoders for automation and choice of use.

To make things clear, Re-encoding can only be performed on the PHP open source files, not on already encoded files.

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This isn't a software issue more of a UI issue but it would be nice if you could stop people from hitting submit multiple times when starting a new post.

At the least maybe just add some text near the button that says only hit submit one time.

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