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Anybody Have Dealings w/ B&C Enterprizes for Barrels?


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Hey All,

I just became aware of a guy who portends to be in the barrel business but I have never heard of him. They are based in Lansing, MI and say they can make and char/toast barrels. I am cautious because they are listed as a furniture builder (bunk beds,cabinets, dog houses...etc...). I have this picture in my head that they may be buying oak locally which would be unseasoned and building them, but maybe not. They will not give references. Anybody out there had dealings with them?

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So Chris Naumes, B & C Enterprizes solicits me and in his message tells me he won't work for free. He is a furniture maker out of Lansing Michigan, tries to hire other furniture makers to make barrels,(linkedin Jobs). Has to buy the White Oak for $353.00. He can flavor the wood to anything you want. yaddddya ya. Anyone who has the balls to call a potential client a "Stupid ass" is on the fast track to ......nowhere. I wouldn't let him cut firewood for me.

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 4:09 PM, Scott Schumaker <appmtnspirits@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thanks for contacting us through my web site.

We currently have a supplier that is competitive and build a quality product.

Please don't insult me by telling me you don't work for free, I don't work for free either. That fact that you are 200% to 300% higher than what I'm paying now has no bearing on the quality and ability to flavor wood barrels.

Scott Schumaker, Founder & Managing Member

Appalachian Mountain Spirits LLC

Appalachian Mountain Spirits Mercantile LLC

112 E Main St.

Marion, VA 24354



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Mr Naumes reply- "I was not trying to insult your stupid ass I was just pointing out a fact everybody wants something for nothing"

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Based on the way his correspondence was put together and worded, I was thinking he was European or something.? Much to my amazement, however, he's from good 'ol Michigan, USofA! He refused to provide references (my guess is there are none), he had no pictures or examples of his work to show off. All that was provided was a price list that was totally asinine. Then he provided a freight quote for a 53' truckload of barrels from Michigan to Texas at $8,000. Yes that's Eight Thousand Dollars! For a single domestic truck load (Non-Hazmat) freight!?! One Truck? I could move 12 trucks for that amount! THEN, he wanted 100% of the total invoice in advance! Ha!

Dude builds rat mazes... 'Nuf Said

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