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I have a budget 70-150k I want a copper still is a must. Fermenters stainless steel. And want to be able to produce large amounts if needed with this budget please recomend all products you suggest and company's that you would stay away from.

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Hi vodkaman, This is a very complex subject, so please be careful. Well done for not rushing out and simply buying the first still you saw, like many do. The type of still you buy depends entirely on what you intend to use it for - not just now, but also in 3-5 years. It needs a lot of planning to avoid costly mistakes. If you need professional help, you can view my credentials and contact details here. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerard-evans-1b2b8a58/  I specialise in helping start-ups just like you. Good luck, Gerard

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Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC

Below is a link to some reveiws.



Below is a link to reviews of a different company

 Our mostly stainless stills, have devices within, that give you more copper vapor interaction than an all copper pot still, however if you want the still to be all copper we can do that.  We can supply you with a 500 to 800 gallon complete set of equipment including the still, mash tun, fermenters, crash cooling equipment, pumps and a low pressure steam boiler without going over your budget.  Please contact us for a complete quote at 417-778-6100 or email me paul@distillery-equipment.com 





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Hey there Vodkaman,

We do have all copper pots, as well as many others.  We can custom build whatever system you want.  Please don't hesitate to give Larry a call as he is a wealth of knowledge.  If not, feel free to call me and we can all talk.  Best of luck to you!  




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