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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0772KY71C/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_image_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Pictures? Part numbers Manufacturers Ship from zip code
  3. https://www.bid-on-equipment.com/
  4. Should hit the 10 micron first. This way the 1 micron will not plug up as fast.
  5. If you do, how long do you keep in new oak barrels? How do you determine when to switch to used ex-bourbon?
  6. http://santeen.com/#portfolio Use this stuff to remove tarnish instantly. Caution rinse with baking soda and water to neutralize otherwise copper will turn green then wash with soap and water.
  7. https://www.everbritecoatings.com/copper.htm I bought some of this stuff to stop tarnishing copper.
  8. Interest in filling and grinder. Let me know $$ when you have it.
  9. What was the proof going in and out?
  10. Help please. If I have a 53 gallon wood barrel how many gallons of Rye whiskey do you recommend putting into the new barrel? I assume you leave head space. I ask because the local Fire Marschall first thought the barrel size was 55 gallon barrels and filled completely full. He is calculating MAQ based on this data. I thought alcohol in wood barrels was exempt from MAQ. Trying to get away from H3 occupancy in barrel storage area. Thank you for you feedback.
  11. https://uksinc.com/manual-semiautomatic-rinsers/ Found this
  12. Where do I find/buy this if I wanted? Who makes it?
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