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  1. twalshact

    53g maturation window

    If you do, how long do you keep in new oak barrels? How do you determine when to switch to used ex-bourbon?
  2. twalshact

    Cleaning Copper

    http://santeen.com/#portfolio Use this stuff to remove tarnish instantly. Caution rinse with baking soda and water to neutralize otherwise copper will turn green then wash with soap and water.
  3. twalshact

    Cleaning Copper

    https://www.everbritecoatings.com/copper.htm I bought some of this stuff to stop tarnishing copper.
  4. twalshact

    Rubbery Ring of Corn on bottom of my mash tun

    Blade types and angle information
  5. twalshact

    Does it worth, 15K for 320 gallons pot still?

    Interest in filling and grinder. Let me know $$ when you have it.
  6. twalshact

    Gin Development

  7. twalshact


    What was the proof going in and out?
  8. twalshact

    Barrel Head Space

    Help please. If I have a 53 gallon wood barrel how many gallons of Rye whiskey do you recommend putting into the new barrel? I assume you leave head space. I ask because the local Fire Marschall first thought the barrel size was 55 gallon barrels and filled completely full. He is calculating MAQ based on this data. I thought alcohol in wood barrels was exempt from MAQ. Trying to get away from H3 occupancy in barrel storage area. Thank you for you feedback.
  9. How much is lost per 500 bottles? Pictures?
  10. twalshact


    https://uksinc.com/manual-semiautomatic-rinsers/ Found this
  11. twalshact


    Where do I find/buy this if I wanted? Who makes it?
  12. twalshact

    Direct To Consumer via Speakeasy?

    Google wants all websites to pay them for a HTTPS site or they say things like NOT SECURE look at this forum, same thing.
  13. twalshact

    Accomplished Distiller and Brewer

    SunnyDistiller, send me a private email tim@WalshDistillery.com.
  14. twalshact

    Welding question

    Southernhighlander is correct.
  15. twalshact

    Control pannel for pot still

    Just my 2 cents. I like the two elements on a on/off switch. How about the next two on a PID with a on/off switch. And the final 2 on a PID. Use zero cross SSR's. Great big heat sinks for the SSR. Have a temperature sensor sound an alarm (which can be silenced) when you are 10-20 degrees (adjustable) below your starting point.