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  1. twalshact


    Where do I find/buy this if I wanted? Who makes it?
  2. twalshact

    Direct To Consumer via Speakeasy?

    Google wants all websites to pay them for a HTTPS site or they say things like NOT SECURE look at this forum, same thing.
  3. twalshact

    Accomplished Distiller and Brewer

    SunnyDistiller, send me a private email tim@WalshDistillery.com.
  4. twalshact

    Welding question

    Southernhighlander is correct.
  5. twalshact

    Control pannel for pot still

    Just my 2 cents. I like the two elements on a on/off switch. How about the next two on a PID with a on/off switch. And the final 2 on a PID. Use zero cross SSR's. Great big heat sinks for the SSR. Have a temperature sensor sound an alarm (which can be silenced) when you are 10-20 degrees (adjustable) below your starting point.
  6. twalshact

    Yamada AODD in action...

    They said the extra receiver tank was for short burst volume. You will be running for longer periods I assume. These guys are a great place for information, higher $$$ https://krugeair.com/ These guys are really inexpensive. http://www.aircompressorsplus.com/ Also ask them about automatic condensate drains. We use them everywhere. We also bought a coil to help cool the air and drop out any extra condensate so your pump will have less rusting inside the valve. Radiator coil uses the large compressor wheel to blow air across. You will be surprised how much water is drained out. Note you may not drain the condensate into the drain from the auto drain. It has to go into a bucket. Then we pour it down the drain when the inspector leaves. You maybe required to have your compressor tank inspected every year $. They test the blow off safety valves and auto shut off switch. Cost me $10 I think.
  7. twalshact

    Yamada AODD in action...

    Talk to a good industrial air compressor distributor regarding receiver tanks. As I was told I don't think it will help you. You may need a larger or second compressor.
  8. twalshact

    My experiance with Corson Distilling

    Searches on the internet shows you are not the only one with problems from them.
  9. twalshact

    Vintage/ Antique Commercial Stills

    Hubert Germain-Robin has access to what you want. I took his Brandy class in Portland at ADI. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hubert-germain-robin-a384571a/
  10. twalshact

    Bonding Wires

    Forgot to mention the welding cable is very flexible.
  11. twalshact

    Bonding Wires

    Welding ground wire is heavy duty and the jacket is really tough, resists abrasion from dragging it on floor. Welders ground clamps are also pretty heavy duty. https://www.amazon.com/Gauge-AWG-Flex-Prene-Welding/dp/B077MTCKDV/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1535225595&sr=8-4&keywords=welding+ground+cable+%236 https://www.amazon.com/Abrasives-WC-01530-Weldclass-P6-EC300H-Platinum/dp/B0793PT66P/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1535225664&sr=8-8&keywords=welding+ground+clamp
  12. twalshact

    Barrels for distillations

    From Bubba's Barrels FAQ "Are these Drums Food Grade? This is probably the most common question we get. Most sellers of used stainless drums list the drums as made from 304 Food grade stainless. That is true as far as it goes, but it is not that simple. Drums are only food grade when they are new. As long as the original purchaser has the drum, it is food grade. They can use it once or hundred times, but when they sell or dispose of the drum it loses its food grade rating. If someone tells you a used or reconditioned drum is certified food grade they either don't know what they are talking about or they are lying. "
  13. twalshact

    Barrels for distillations

    I read somewhere that food grade applies only to the original buyer and when sold they are no longer considered as food grade. I think NSF or USDA site had the information. Plus food grade HDPE is white not black. What about a used soap barrel listed as food grade?
  14. twalshact

    Filtering Through Limestone

    The Whiskey Wash, "Old Limestone is pumped out of a limestone aquifer 130 feet underground and filtered using reverse osmosis, so the mineral content remains intact. Keeney reports calcium and magnesium bond with the carbohydrates in alcohol, so when Old Limestone is mixed with bourbon it gives a smoother mouth feel. In a recent blind taste test, 16 out of 16 people were able to pick out both the branch water alone as well as bourbon and branch made with Old Limestone. Limestone filtered water makes all the difference in bourbon. Nothing else comes close." https://thewhiskeywash.com/whiskey-styles/bourbon/whats-deal-limestone-water/
  15. twalshact

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    I recently watched an ADI breakout session on oak barrels. "The Extraction of Wood Compounds during Aging in Wood Barrels and in Contact with Wood Pieces" The oak was tested and found very different from tree to tree from the same forest. From very little aging to fast aging. Could some of this play a part. Black Swan has a aging chart for various size barrels. https://www.blackswanbarrels.com/links-accolades/ Tim Doc2.docx