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  1. twalshact

    Filtering Through Limestone

    The Whiskey Wash, "Old Limestone is pumped out of a limestone aquifer 130 feet underground and filtered using reverse osmosis, so the mineral content remains intact. Keeney reports calcium and magnesium bond with the carbohydrates in alcohol, so when Old Limestone is mixed with bourbon it gives a smoother mouth feel. In a recent blind taste test, 16 out of 16 people were able to pick out both the branch water alone as well as bourbon and branch made with Old Limestone. Limestone filtered water makes all the difference in bourbon. Nothing else comes close." https://thewhiskeywash.com/whiskey-styles/bourbon/whats-deal-limestone-water/
  2. twalshact

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    I recently watched an ADI breakout session on oak barrels. "The Extraction of Wood Compounds during Aging in Wood Barrels and in Contact with Wood Pieces" The oak was tested and found very different from tree to tree from the same forest. From very little aging to fast aging. Could some of this play a part. Black Swan has a aging chart for various size barrels. https://www.blackswanbarrels.com/links-accolades/ Tim Doc2.docx
  3. twalshact

    Dephleg, column temp probe

    I make custom sensors and thermowells. You will have delayed temperature indication but in the Defl. the temperatures don't change faster than the sensor will react. Normally a thermowell is used when there is a lot of liquid volume or the system can't be shut down on sensor failure. The solution we recommend in critical applications is to have redundant RTD's in the sensor. Call www.actsensors.com 1-800-877-8820 ask for sales. You will need to verify the sensor is 100 ohms or other value.
  4. twalshact

    Thermocouple - Wifi Data-Logger

    If you are interested in not causing an explosion you may want to look into an intrinsically safe barrier. https://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/usa/en/classid_22.htm?view=productdetails&prodid=30689 Manufacturers page. https://www.wolfautomation.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/32446/s/voltage-repeater/?gclid=CjwKCAjwiurXBRAnEiwAk2GFZudmNNDfYLC6DhyAkmzMskXA1wp-1uWuCXYawqpFfDm93KyGKO1iIRoC4AoQAvD_BwE Possible source. Remeber 5 feet out from any part of your still and 3 feet off the ground at a minimum is considered a hazardous location.
  5. twalshact

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Can you tell me more about the aging process?