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  1. The one major thing I'd change is to have the steam jacket located on the lower portion of the tank--unless you like cleaning off baked on mash from when the liquid level drops.
  2. PM sent.
  3. Selling only because we upgraded to an automatic labeler. I can't remember the model number, but we purchased this about 2 years ago. It's a great labeler and there is nothing wrong with it. What you see is what you get. Looking to get $900. Located just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  4. Minnesota requires all control panels to either be UL approved (with sticker) or be inspected by an electrical engineer and their sticker placed before the state will sign off on it. Most people don't realize this, and it was the most expensive few minutes of the entire buildout. Engineer opens the panel and writes stuff down for about 3 minutes while he writes stuff down on his paper, says "Yup." while slapping a sticker (probably a mailing label saying John Doe Engineering inspected) on the panel and handing you a bill which ranges from about $1,000-3,000. I'm in the wrong industry.
  5. 2 condensers is your easiest and cheapest option. First one being glycol and 2nd one being water. Flow meter and temp sensor on the glycol/ distillate output. Flow drops to X or temp rises to X and it opens the water valve to the 2nd condenser. That way you eliminate contamination of either system.
  6. I can vouch for that statement. Early on we had a small batch which got a slight infection and the end result was rum that had a gross plastic/band-aid odor. Now that all our vessels are stainless and have CIP it hasn't occured again *knocks on wood*.
  7. You've got yourself a nice infection going there, maybe lacto? Probably something in your process was less than sanitary, your ferment was taking too long, pH too high, or all of the above? I'd run it and see how it turns out, but I'd be absolutely sure to give everything a proper clean/sanitize before starting the next batch.
  8. Also using Hoochware and liking it. It's not perfect, and there's a few things that need improving so the user has less headaches, but for the price we are happy. There are some things Whiskey Systems does better, but not worth the price. There's some things Distillery Solutions/Stillhouse does better, but I could hire another employee to take care of it (and more!) for what DS charges.
  9. They might be able to sell it as there's really only a couple parts to an agitator. A shaft, blade, gearbox, motor, and seal/bearing.
  10. Call Brawn mixer. I'm very satisfied with my new agitator from them. My local Brawn rep was Bill at Winger Inc. He's been doing mixers for over 30 years and really knows the mixing industry and even more important--distillery mixers. I would steer clear of MXD/Mixers Direct--they will gladly take your money and give you something which should never go on a still.
  11. We are looking to upgrade our bottling line and are seeking out an automatic labeler for round bottles and single label application. Would consider a labeler capable of 2x labels per bottle. We're also looking to upgrade our 2 spout bottler to a 4-6 spout. Got a corker you're looking to upgrade? We'd be interested as well. Located in Minnesota. Skål
  12. Hmm it appears I'm wrong, I could have sworn that it said treated with carbon was a requirement. Learn something new each day!;sid=5ea7acdd54dff93dbce97e668013dfd8;rgn=div8;view=text;node=27%3A1.;idno=27;cc=ecfr
  13. I'm talking vodka, so yes the spirit was neutral coming off the still. (*edit* See recent post on 11/23/16 - It appears I was wrong and have thus deleted misinformation in this post.)
  14. " We're able to filter about 6G of 100 proof using 5.5lb of carbon. Up until the 5th or 6th gallon, the product is tasting very neutral and towards the end, the flavor from our grain bill starts to pull thru." No offense, but if 5 pounds of carbon is only lasting you 5 gallons of vodka you probably need to look at your distilling operations. I run about 100 gallons through a few cups worth of carbon before I change it out. And I don't need to change it out, it's just that carbon is cheap enough that it's not worth the hassle of having to run it twice if the spirit output is not clean enough.
  15. idodine

    You need a clean sample of liquid, any solids (which I see there are quite a bit) will give a false negative. You'll need to let it sit for a few minutes and then just barely skim the surface to collect a couple drops of mash. I prefer to use an eyedropper to grab mash samples when I do a test (which is rare, I know my process and enzymes are working). Is your S/G or Brix where you expect it?