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  1. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    The Barrel Mill is a reputable cooperage. I've met the owners and toured their facility as it's located about an hour away. They are a dedicated cooper, not a carpentry shop that happens to make barrels for extra cash.
  2. reducing mixer noise

    Mixer should be nearly completely silent. I put a black mark on the shaft in the air gap so that I can visually see it turning (electric brawn mixer). If it's 3ph hooked up to a frequency drive you might get noise if the drive is not configured right. Other than that, you need to post a lot more data other than "noise" because we don't know if it's air or electric powered, if its a grinding, squealing or electrical buzz or what.
  3. Biggest surprise

    How long it takes and how difficult it is to truly start making money worth writing home about.
  4. Electric Stripping Still?

    I have a 570 liter electric bain marie still. 27kW and it's heatup time alone is 2 hours, so at 1000L you're looking at closer to 4 hours wasted each work day of just heating--unless you have a ton of heating power available. Also, if you start moving product you'll need to plan on having some very high electric bills. I'd save $500-600 every single month just by upgrading to steam.
  5. Electric Stripping Still?

    I don't understand why you wouldn't want bain marie for stripping. You are just asking yourself for a headache and for problems by using direct elements.
  6. spirit scales

    That post needs to be pinned to the top of the forums. Thanks for that! Here's the direct link to the post for anyone. http://adiforums.com/index.php?/topic/8376-bottle-filling-calibration/#comment-46887
  7. Bar top Corking maching

    Wow that sucks! I had the top of a bottle cave in a few months back when hand bottling, and it only gave me a scare. Tens of thousands of bottles and that's the only time it ever happened. With the CCR corker I require anyone using it to wear eye protection due to the possibility of glass shattering or the occasional T-top that bounces out due to something being out of alignment upon activation.
  8. Bar top Corking maching

    I highly recommend the CCR corkers. It's not easy for a smaller guy to stomach spending +$3k on something just to put corks in, but it's by far my favorite piece of equipment I've purchased to date.
  9. Bump. Price dropped from $1100 to $950. I got a few people asking questions about it, but nobody pulling the trigger.
  10. Hello from MN

    Welcome! Let me know if you'd like to stop by for a visit sometime.
  11. Electric Boiler

    Same here. I have one direct element still and one baine marie.
  12. Electric Boiler

    The only reason I can understand going electric fired boiler is that you don't have to buy each piece of equipment as electric, which in itself saves a ton of money. If I purchased 3 electric stills and an electric mash tun, I'd need 4 control panels (which are not cheap) to run them, plus the cost of electric heated stills is typically greater than a steam jacket, and your options for electric stills/tuns are pretty limited as well. I'm just confused as to why not go natural gas. If it's simply not available, or ridiculously expensive I can understand that totally.
  13. Bottle Suppliers

    Talk to Packaging Logistics. I've used them, then tried switching to a couple different suppliers, but in the end I went back. http://packlogic.com/ If you could, do me a favor and tell them I referred you. I don't get a bonus or anything, but it's always nice to know one of your customers is sending referrals.
  14. Electric Boiler

    Any reason why you would want to go electric instead of gas fired? My 150g runs off 27kw and waiting two hours for it to heat up once or twice a day is a real bear. Electric was cheaper to start off, but these $500-700 monthly electric bills are starting to add up and will eventually cost more to run than switching everything over to steam.
  15. Try again, except select "electric float" under additional options. The base model is a grand and has no float to turn a motor on/off. Thanks.