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  1. None of the above. Silk is right, testing before permitting is a felony. Assuming you know that, I'd take a serious look at this: https://www.distillery-equipment.com/45 gallon Still.htm Jacketted, modular, and can add an agitator...
  2. AC-DC


    Coming from the web publishing industry, its pretty standard for any publishing platform. In fact, the new policy is far more open than most. I can imagine Facebook asking if they can remove every post that gets a complaint.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Your situation sounds fairly typical, and your final words are probably quite accurate. Your lessons and experience, while accurate, will likely not be heeded by the next wave. Best of luck in your next adventure.
  4. Would something like this http://stilldragon.com/index.php/2-triclamp-weldless-bulkhead-fitting.html do the trick??
  5. https://morewinemaking.com/category/heat-shrink-sleeves-tools.html lists a few heat shrink guns that might do the trick...
  6. Zbob, i think you may have gone a little 'light' on the introduction. I expect most here know of you already. Welcome!!
  7. I've been considering somerhing similar however, that puts you in the sights of the health department at the city and county level and that may have considerable facility and zoning requirements/expense. I am looking at partners who are interested in a nano brewery to share tasting room space. While there will be a limit on hard alcohol, breweries have much more leeway for creating a social space...
  8. I used one like this previously that had to be threaded into the lid..
  9. AC-DC

    Gin class (ugh)

    Im excited to hear how it ends up going! Maybe an opportunity to look at this another way by adding a quarterly Gin Class to your tour/tasting calendar.
  10. I'll have to dig up the source, but i recall reading that Hubert Germain-Robin specifically stayed away from tulip shaped glasses because they cheat by over concentrating the aromas and hiding potential flaws. I think his preference was for a straight sides distillers glass.. Damned memory.. now i have to go search!!
  11. AC-DC

    Bubba's Barrels

    I think only exists for handling order deposits. I've yet to see a code online or in and industry publication.
  12. Have you checked out Bubbas Barrels? http://www.bubbasbarrels.com/kettles/55-gallon-mash-tun
  13. Great to get real world examples! Thanks for sharing. Another good resource for understanding and calculating has been the book (on amazon) Distillery Operations:how to run a small distillery by Payton Fireman. Its a dense read, but covers a whole host of calculations and corrections for efficeincy and losses (many you will have to guess at ) Distillery Operations: How to Run a Small Distillery by Peyton Fireman( I think) It breaks down a phenomenal number of calculations and explains how to get there. A VERY DENSE READ. Make sure you account for efficiency ratings and losses.
  14. On a similar note, what is the occupancy class of your tasting room and production area. I am assuming the the production area is F-1? How are others dealing woth occupancy and fire separation??
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