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  1. You may be the next Bezos baby, shoot your shot this is your billion dollar idea!
  2. Does not currently exist to my knowledge your closest bet is online retailers who I imagine you are referring to in your post (Hi Time, Caskers etc)
  3. DD: I have never and would never run as you describe. Not saying you can't or don't do it successfully but I don't and would never even try. I originally was going to respond to all the things you said, but deleted it. OP: Sounds like you had some success omitting the thumper for the stripping run, but what you're doing is still not the best if what you're looking for is flavor. What type of spirit are you trying to make? The set up you have described can be modified to be more intelligent for a whiskey/rum stripping run if thats what you're doing. When you run with that set up you're stripping and applying reflux, which is going to have flavor consequences. What proof do you pull at running your strip as described? Lets go back to my original advice. What if we used low wines in the thumper.
  4. I don't think a thumper is a great tool to use for stripping, first I don't like the amount of energy you will put into the run with your intention being a quick strip. Second, kicking up your proof on a stripping run just takes out flavors for you to fractionate for yourself later, grandaddy used to tell me flavors in the water if you strip it all out you can't access it later, thats not technical or academic quotation but its been a great guiding principle for me. Plus less dilution later which is another input cost. You're stripping water out to dilute and put it back in later. In a factory with city water and the ability to price however I want thats not as much of a concern anymore, but in the woods where efficiency is king and clean brew water is a precious commodity, you'd lose a hand for it.
  5. It will be fine for your equipment and distillate, but note that traditional tequila production uses all stainless steel for every component of still and fermenters. Some of the big guys have copper in their stills, most don't.
  6. Creamy Creations is absolute trash. Contact Midwest Custom Bottling in Pewaukee WI, best with creams in the country hands down
  7. Headframe is also capable of this
  8. what's your heat source? element or steam? If steam are you able to see pressure in real time?
  9. Hot Citric will take care of that. Run a line from a pump and just recirc it.
  10. The cloudyness is from the proof of the fluid not smearing. High alcohols and water can come out milky. Ideally second run is rectified to appropriate proof and is colorless. Don't try and take a head cut on your stripping run just run it fast and hard worry bout fractionating later.
  11. Don't use mash in the thumper use finished distillate or wines, it can either charge itself or you can use from previous run
  12. On that same coin don't fuck retailers with bad product or preloading and shitty undercutting out of your tasting room for special releases
  13. Do not agree to this you are being manipulated
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