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  1. we've gone through 5 x 425# drums of 3% h202 from milport enterprises in Milwaukee. $.45/lb.
  2. If that is shipping from China it is a violation of International trade laws DB is a proprietary product. Not that anyone cares but I usually like to pay the man who's meant to be paid. I've also been knocked off so thats where that comes from.
  3. I've bought some really dope shit off e-bay in my day...... Market Actives is the only distributor of Denatorium Benzoate for US, they are based in Portland. Mitchy too good is the man over there he's great. Kimbo for president! I'm writing her in for some power south of your border! Hullabulloo!
  4. Ohhhh ohhhhhh you're supplier isn't Market Actives cause you're in Canada...... that makes sense! Yeah Mitchy "Too Good" gave us that 4 ounces for 6400 gallons number he's the US supplier from MA. That is a lot, but if their country has a different standard for denaturing, then thats what Kimbos stuck with! Keep up the good work Kimbo!
  5. I understand where your at and I think I stand with you, but lawyers are keeping us on that side of the line We're using 4 ounces Bitrex for every 6400 gallons finished product. I believe you could denature the Alcohol itself (GNS as an ingredient in the same ratio 4 ounces for 6400 gallons then batch Sani) and still be compliant, but we want to reuse our GNS totes for finished gin so we are denaturing at very end in stainless steel totes. Now that.we got it down it's pretty smooth process, took us a minute to figure out how to handle the new ingredients but treat the h202 like caustic and the glycerine like molasses and you've got the hang of it.
  6. Bitrex is USP per Market Actives representative
  7. I am pretty sure DB requires a proprietary process registered to Macfarlan Smith to manufacture. They're a European pharmaceutical manufacturer. The only North American distributor is Market Actives out of Portland, who I have used and recommend. If you're using Bitrex it's probably USP. I would bet that the reason you're not finding it is because it all is.
  8. Why aren't people just buying Bitrex and using it? I've seen two people say good luck finding denatorium benzoate on this thread, it took me literally four seconds via google.... Emailed them and they responded after hours on a friday and overnighted it to me. I had it by next morning...... I understand if you want to invest absolutely no cost whatsoever in this but if you're at least getting your raw materials covered look into it.... I literally used like 20 grams or an ounce or something for over a thousand gallons of GNS..... Given it's efficiency it's remarkably easy to use and will have minimum impacts downstream..... Treat it with the same respect you do caustic and keep some chocolate close by and denaturing is a breeze.
  9. We are 1200 gallons in on denatured WHO compliant hand sani in 5 gallon buckets here in Wisco. Keep fighting comrades. Answer the call now in every way you can and these people will pay us back later
  10. Den. Benz (Bitrex) is easy to work with and available from a distributor on west coast very helpful people.
  11. If I cannot fulfill through my normal channel we will reach out to him just to sniff and I'll let you know what I think his shit smells like unsolicited solicitations are always horse shit except in Las Vegas
  12. So this guy just unsolicitedly messaged me..... weird...... happy hunting folks! Hello, I have tankers and totes of ethanol 200pf USP and SDA 40-B in stock and ready to go. Please give me a call if interested. Doug the Ethanol Guy,
  13. We’re in on Sani. Peroxide and glycerine arrive Friday and we will produce all weekend for Monday pick ups. Already have 4000 liters accounted for. We are filling and labeling 5 gallon buckets with affixed compliant labels. Wish us luck we will send the same your way- we have a reoccurring new weekly order of 70 gallons a week to a hospital, 500 gallon 3 week split order to state energy company, four old folks homes in town....
  14. I don't think it is advisable without stainless steel lines but someone more well versed can chime in for sure
  15. Your distillation doesn't appear out of the ordinary. As long as alcohol that went into the pot matches alcohol left in the pot and collected, the still is working as stills do and there operation of it should be looked at, but its okay you are new to this still it will take time! Is it copper all the way through? If you've never had a Lyne arm and condenser made of all copper before keep the fucker clean! Rinse it out and citric bath it often for best results other wise you'll see sky blue in your heads and tails. Is there anyway we could see a picture of the interior of the column? maybe through that window with some light shining through?
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