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Recommendations for consultant to use for TTB New. Distillery filings

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40 minutes ago, Triangle Distiller said:

Anyone have recommendations on. consultants. who can file documents for a new distillery?

Dave Dunbar - Dave is an active participant on this forum and has helped many people get their DSP.  dhdunbar1@gmail.com 

If you want to message him on this forum his contact is below


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I'm retired from TTB's National Revenue Center (NRC) here in Cincinnati where I worked as a Regulatory Specialist. I processed new DSP applications and was the assigned specialist for many of the largest domestic distillers. I know TTB's application process inside out and charge a fraction of what over priced consultants and attorneys charge. I love working with craft distillers, who as small businesses are the job creators in America. Contact me at langdonguenther@gmail.com and/or 513-257-9378.

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